Fuckgirls Exist! Here’s How to Spot Them and Save Yourself the Heartbreak

By: Malak Hatem

The term “fuckboy” is a rather popular term. We’ve all crossed paths with a fuckboy or at least someone we know did. At the end of the day there is no girl who hasn’t heard that word before. We’ve seen how they operate, observed their every move and noticed how they always manage to get what they want. So naturally, at the start of any relationship, we’re all just worried about one thing; is he or is he not a fuckboy? They’re all innocent until proven guilty, right? But we all know that’s not how girls do things. No one can be trusted. كلهم مصطفي أبو حجر . Which means every guy is a potential fuckboy until proven otherwise.

But since I am a fair person and a feminist, it’s safe to say that the fuckgirls of this generation are just as dangerous as its fuckboys, if not more. Now you may not have necessarily encountered a fuckgirl before, but then again maybe you have and you couldn’t tell. So allow me to tell you some things about fuckgirls that should come in handy in the future.

You could say that people have been too liberal with the word and that they have started using it to describe virtually any girl who has more guy friends than girl friends but that is never a true sign. Fuckgirls don’t need a bunch of guys around them, they only need the one.

Unlike fuckboys, fuckgirls are stealth. And just like any girl, actually, if they don’t want you to know something, you’ll never be able to. You’ll never be able to figure out what she’s up to, and if you’re not the guy she’s got her eye on, you’d never see the signs.

To make things easier to follow, let’s call our infamous fuckgirls “G”, for short. G knows what she wants and since girls tend to overthink every step they take, G will take her time to make her first move. She’d never act all needy and desperate for your attention because she knows she’s already got it. G will always be one step ahead of you, always confident that her next move will not fail. She knows when and exactly how to flirt. And I don’t mean that she’s a sweet talker because of course she is but rather that she knows what you want to hear and will, most of the time, tell you exactly that. At other times, she’d leave you on the hook. You see when you’re with G, you’re never in control. G knows you want her, she knows how much you want her so what’s to stop her from having some fun. You’d find yourself constantly asking yourself “have I done something to upset her?” “Why is she acting all weird all of a sudden?” G will also not shy away from “accidentally” touching your arm. And the most important thing to know about G is that no matter how much you may think she’s giving you, know for a fact that, none of it is real, it’s all to get you hooked some more. Because it is G’s #1 rule to always leave the guy wanting more.

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