4 Simple but Important Goals to Achieve Before the Year Ends

By: Ali Sakr

With a new decade steadily approaching, it’s only natural that accompanying it is the imminent tension which creeps up on you trying to convince you that 2019 “just wasn’t your year.” Well, the year isn’t over yet and quite frankly, it’ll never be your year, so I say you should just try to make the most of what’s left of it.

1-Take a Day for Yourself

It’s often not the easiest thing to do, but taking a day completely, and willingly off is something we usually need to strive to do. Take this time to detach from whatever typically mentally drains you, and perhaps spend some time on something you’ve wanted to do for so long but were too busy to attempt. I’ve personally wanted to draw for a very long time but for some reason haven’t gotten around to doing that yet, so this is mainly for myself in that regard.

A day with no purpose but to please yourself can also be a great way to mentally unwind, and allow yourself a fresh start as the new year begins.

2-Build/Kill a Habit

When a process becomes so ingrained in your lifestyle, it becomes incredibly difficult to eliminate. It’s also equally as difficult doing the ingraining part in the first place, so I’d recommend just focusing on one. Whether it be meditating 10 minutes everyday, drinking water more regularly, or reducing social media from your life, any habit would be worth your entire focus for the last few weeks of the year.

You typically want to keep it to just one, simply because trying to wake up at 6 AM everyday, meditate, read 20 pages from your latest book about productivity, go for a jog, change your entire diet and write your daily emotions in a journal will leave you feeling like a complete failure after one day attempting to basically become another human being. Keep your goals realistic – 1 month and a week or two is a reasonable amount of time to work towards 1 (one) habit.

3-Have a Conversation with Someone you Haven’t Talked to in a While

Whether you’re on different continents, go to different schools or just drifted apart, a simple text to someone who isn’t in your immediate circle of friends can be incredibly fun, and at the same time give you a chance to reminisce.

4-Finish Something You Started

I tried to go a bit more general with this to give as much freedom as possible, but allow me to elaborate in case it’s not clear enough (I think it is, though). It can be a book, a podcast, a series or even part of a video game. The very act of completion will give you a well deserved sense of satisfaction.


I’m sure there are plenty more goals you could have at some point in your life,but considering how close this year is to being over, this’ll probably be enough. Good luck I guess.

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