I’m Done Watching Romantic Movies Because They Messed Up My Relationship with Love

By: Malak Atwa

Disclaimer: you can like romantic movies and chick flicks, I’m not judging you. This is my personal opinion on the movies and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m not judging, nor am I mocking anything or anyone. Personally, I just don’t like romantic movies.

I’ve never been a huge fan of romantic movies. I’ve never liked romance-to an extent, I am human after all, a little affection never hurt anybody. But, romantic movies? I absolutely hate them. They’re all the exact same. Bad boy falls in love with the good girl, he changed for her. Love triangle. Girl pining after one guy while her best friend is madly in love with her, she discovers that the guy that she had been pining for all this time was the wrong choice and then she gets together with her best friend. The perfect girl next door befriends her neighbor, he falls in love then she falls in love with him and they get together at the end. It’s very difficult to find a “romantic” movie that doesn’t have a plot like the ones I’ve just said, there’s obviously more cliches, but who’s got the time to name them all? 

In reality love is nothing like in the movies. The best friend gets with the bad boy that she’s been pining for – for months, gets her heartbroken and swears off guys for a while then gets together with yet another bad boy. Rarely ever does the best friend actually gets the girl. Rarely ever does your “soulmate” or your “one and only” moves in next door to you. All of that only happens in movies. It’s not realistic, it’s not authentic and it’s not entertaining.  

Romantic movies are boring. They’re all always predictable. You always know what’s going to happen next. The happy ending, or the “happily ever after” if you will. It’s always the same. Always. Why would you want to watch that? Something that’ll make you feel like you’re so alone, as if the issue of why you can’t get the person you like to like you back is because of you. You don’t need a makeover. When you take off your glasses and take out your ponytail you don’t transform into a princess. Animals don’t talk, and they cant sing. It’s not real. It’s all fiction, even the love – scratch that, especially the love. 

In every romantic movie ever made the good girl always “fixes” the bad boys. Which molds young women into seeking damaged and toxic men so they can fix them and fall deeply in love with them. It teaches girls that they need to change or have this semi-dramatic makeover in order for guys to even look at them. It shows girls in distress and guys coming to their rescue and sometimes even vice versa. It’s not always about “fixing” your partner. You’re not always going to get the person you want. 

Love is fueled with several things that “the big screen” doesn’t usually like to show, or doesnt show its reality and how love is actually like. Love is messy. Its jealousy. Its passion – not always fiery passion and lust. But love can also be fights, disagreements, and just plain crap. It’s not always glitter and rainbows. TV and film gave me a false “look” on what love is meant to look like, and when I found out what love actually is, I think the word disappointed would be quite the understatement. 

I get it, in the movies it has to be something intriguing and interesting. Something to keep the viewer watching. But, giving a false representation of “romance”, love and sex is not entertaining. It’s trash. It’s disappointing. If you find romantic movies good then that’s great for you, continue to watch it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is that romantic movies are just not it, for me at least. But you do have to keep in mind that it’s just film. It’s not real.

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