5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Period Bloating

By: Amina Farouk

If there’s anything we hate more than anything, it’s our periods, you know the deathly cramps, fatigue and grogginess, also – bloating? Like, bleeding out of your vagina for seven days each month is already the pits, but do we have to go through bloating as well? Tired of feeling puffy and uncomfortable? Here’s a list of a bunch of things you can(‘t) do to reduce these pains. 

1. don’t binge out on junk

the last thing any girl needs to hear in her period is that she can’t eat the foods she’s craving, so like go ahead and have the chocolate bar but like keep track/ be aware  of what you eat, refrain from salts as they can be a huge factor in bloating, try sticking to fruits, veggies and whole foods.

2. our beloved erba

so this doesn’t technically get rid of bloating but it can help big time with the pain. find where your parents keep your erba (if they don’t, what are you doing with your life?) heat it up and just lie down and turn up some relaxing music, you can thank me later.

3. drink water 

as cliche as it sounds, drink your water. Feeling bloated? drink water. Cramps? drink water. you get the picture now.

4. skip the coffee sis

yes we get it, we all need a good cup of coffee in the morning, but caffeine actually contributes a lot to bloating so try something alternative like tea or decaffeinated coffee.

5. just a little sweat sesh

while the thought of getting up, let alone moving sounds so tiresome, getting off your butt will greatly help the bloated feeling, you don’t have to have an hour of crossfit or a mad 2 hours of tamreen, just a little walk or some yoga will do.

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