Whether You Do or Don’t, Here’s a Guide to Safe Masturbation

By: Rawan Khalil

Sexual desires; the biological urge or hunger for sexual activity, one which is very hard to fulfill in the society we live in due to numerous reasons and that do not have to be named for us to know what they are. However, as humans we always find alternatives. A way to compensate for what we don’t have and many tend to seek the fulfillment of their sexual desires by masturbating.

Masturbation tends to be defined by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary as the act of giving yourself sexual pleasure by rubbing your sexual organs. Now, most of you are staring at your screens thinking: “Oh no shit Sherlock, what are you trying to get at?” I am in a sense trying to prove that something we all claim to understand and know so much about has a lens with a much bigger diameter than our average scope of sight and that is why we tend to not do it right, and if something is not done right to our bodies there is a high chance that it is posing some sort of a risk on our health whether it’s a mild risk or not does not really matter. It’s not that there’s anything that would drastically destroy your health really, but there are things you should keep in mind.

Get to know your body

Look at your genitals, know and understand them, don’t just touch them to feel some pleasure then put your pants back on like nothing happened. Getting to know your sexuality and your sexual organs is one of the very first steps towards fully fulfilling your sexual desires when you understand the different regions of your sex organs you will know stimulating which parts of them will make you flood with the most satisfaction. It will make you aware of your body, it will make you enjoy it more and you will be less dependent on it. 

P.s Ladies, there is so much more to stimulate than just your clitoris.

Do not overdo it

Okay, focusing on boys first. Your body ejaculates for you for a reason- so please do not masturbate excessively. It fucks up your hormones, can cause skin irritation, erectile dysfunction, AND premature ejaculation.

Anyways, not focusing on boys anymore.

Masturbating too much fucks up your entire body from your hormones to your digestive system to your immune system. It is you begging for your body to get hurt if you choose to overdo it. 

Also generally, if you masturbate too much you become dependent on it to release your stress or whatever really to the point that it will become an addiction, one which may confuse depression. It can mess up your mental health. It might also fuck up your sexual life in the future.

Use your hands

What can I say really, more than the fact that you don’t want to get too dependent on sex toys It’s not a health issue but it’s you and your body so maybe you wanna keep it that way. 

When you touch your penis or clitoris you may expand your pleasure zone. Also, you will know what gives you an orgasm and what doesn’t. 

Don’t be too rough

Okay, this links to why using your hands could be better than sex toys or anything that you may decide to use. If you masturbate too roughly you may get bruises, soreness- basically injure yourself.

You can buy lubricants if you are worried you are going to injure yourself. 

Don’t use things that aren’t made for masturbation

Please please for the love of god do not use weird things in your house which you think are going to give you pleasure. Firstly, whatever that thing is- it’s going to touch your genitalia and you got to be picky with what you allow to touch your genitals you do not want to end up infected or cut.

Keep breathing

As you experience sexual pleasure, your muscles will start to contract, and quite often people start holding their breath or they switch to breathing more shallowly. So, regularly check in with your breathing, and make sure to relax your abdominal muscles.

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