8 Super Simple but Amazing Winter Date Ideas

By: Renad

Winter may seem a bit dull and depressing for some people and with that comes the lack of creativity for dates. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case. Winter is a cozy, festive and magical time, so here are some ways to enjoy it with your significant other! 

1.    Go on your basic hot chocolate date 

A warm cup of hot chocolate in a cute coffeeshop with your favorite person will just hit different at this time of year. This simple date will give you a fuzzy feeling and will give you an optimum chance to just talk and laugh with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Simple yet very fun. I would recommend going to Ovio (especially the branch in Maadi as its small and cozy), they have killer hot chocolate.

2.    Game night in a cozy coffeeshop 

Gather your playing cards and find a cozy coffeeshop where you can have a comfortable seat, a good cup of coffee and a fun night full of games. Trust me, nothing is better than laughing at your date when they lose a game and get all pouty about it! Keep score and think of good dares, it’ll be a night to remember. 

3.    Volunteer

With the weather being chilly at this time of year, volunteering to make sure kids have something to keep them warm and food to keep them going sounds perfect. Gather old blankets and jackets and go on a ride with your significant other to help someone out. You can drive around random streets and hand out blankets or make your way to a place like Alwan Wa Awtar where you can spend time drawing and playing around with kids, putting a smile on their faces. 

4.    Picnic

You might be thinking ‘This is crazy’ since sitting outdoor in the winter weather doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, but if you add some fluffy blankets and a heavy jacket, it’ll be just fine! Cook up a warm meal or buy some snacks and find a garden where you can lay down with a blanket over your shoulder and the sunset right in front of you. Adding speakers and some chill music will add a kick to this cute and simple date. 

5.    Karaoke night 

Singing your heart out, capturing cute videos of each other and laughing at how horrible you two may sound would be a good idea. Make your way to a place like Art Room Space and spend a night full of melodies where you might end up finding ‘your song’. 

6.    Catch an outdoor movie

Make your way to Urban Cinema (located in the Greek campus) or Darb 1718 and spend a cozy night of movies or maybe even a Netflix night. Snacks, a blanket and your date will definitely make your night absolutely wonderful!

7.    Animal shelter 

What’s better than spending time with a fluffy being in the cold weather? If you’re both animal lovers, this may be a great idea for a date. Visit an animal shelter like CAST or APF and spend some time playing around with cute animals who would definitely appreciate your hugs and well, your presence overall. 

8.    Christmas Bazaar 

Most people’s favorite time of year; Christmas. Find yourself a festive bazaar and go for a stroll, watch the twinkling lights and the ornament-decorated Christmas trees, grab a cup of pumpkin spice and enjoy the crisp weather with your date. Maybe even take a couple of cute polaroid pictures with the lights behind you for the memories!

Winter has amazing vibes, ones you wouldn’t wanna miss out on. Call your boyfriend/girlfriend and start planning your next winter date. Have fun!

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