9 Series That Came Out This Fall/Winter We Are Desperately Catching Up On

By: Rawan Khalil

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare this time of 2019 to be the peak season for series, with new seasons coming out faster than our ability to catch up. So, here is your guide to every series you need to catch up on, and if you need series suggestions to fill up the time were you procrastinate you are more than welcome. These series will be arranged randomly and will be according to my humble opinions. Then towards the end, there will be honorable mentions for the series that I am yet to watch (if I just had the time) and are coming out around this time. Well, now that we’ve got the structure out of the way, here we go.

P.s be warned fangirling ahead 🙂


Season 5 – Out

Starting with one which is already out. Season 5 of Peaky Blinders came and blessed the world. Firstly, it’s better than the last two seasons. The plot will drive you insane and the new characters oh my god do not get me started. If you have not watched season 5 yet you are missing out big time. It’s worth every minute. It’s taking every part of me not to spoil it, but just an opinion Gina is a bitch.

If you have not watched Peaky Blinders yet I highly, highly, highly recommend it if you are into rich drama.

P.s Wow, I am still keeping my fangirling under control.


Season 3- coming out 17th November

I am literally going to cry from happiness I have been waiting for two years for this. Season 3 of The Crown is coming out on the 17th of November, that’s 7 days away from the day I am writing this and I am ecstatic. The new casting- OLIVIA COLMAN, HELENA BONHAM, TOBIAS MENZIAS. This series is just absolutely amazing I cannot even put it into words, but trust me when I say mark your calendars because this will be good. 


Season 4- and the final season – currently running

I hate saying goodbyes to series but this last season so far is just absolutely delightful and an emotional rollercoaster and it definitely keeps you on your feet and it’s just absolutely amazing. I will miss this philosphical mind-fuck.


Season 3 – currently running

I love this show. I love every show I mentioned so far- like they are genuinely fantastic but the Good Doctor is like a soft spot. I do not know how every episode manages to make me tear up a bit and well season 3 is no different. If I am being entirely honest I am not exactly on track with the season 3 episode which are currently coming out- an episode every tuesday. But, from what I watched so far it’s wild, crazy and emotional as usual and a bit more. A new chief of surgeon, new opportunities for the residents, Shaun exploring a relationship. I can’t say anymore- I swore an oath to myself that dictates a no-spoilers policy.


Season 3 – December 6

Okay, prepare yourself for a rant mainly because I know a lot of people who have not even heard of the show so I will promo for a minute or two. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is a show set in New York 1920s where it follows the life of Miriam Maisel- a perfect jewish housewife that supports her husband with his job and his aim to become a comedian. However, that changes rather quickly, but by that I mean- season episode 1 or 2- were she finds out he’s stealing his act and so due to his insecurity he confesses that he’s having an affair and marriage goes downhill. And, they have this conversation and it’s quite funny where Joel says:

“Did you ever feel like you are something and suddenly you are not?”

And Miriam replies: “yes, married”

And well, it seems that the real comedian is Miriam- or Mrs Maisel and this is her journey into the stand up comedy world.

This show is this explosion of marvelous- for the lack of a batter statement. When I binged the first two seasons I couldn’t any other series after it cause I just really wanted the same vibes and nothing is like The Marvelous Mrs Maiself. So, please watch it and hell yeah season 3 is coming out and I am hella excited. And, luckily for me I can binge-watch it over my mid year holiday sooooooooo yes I am jumping up and down- thankyou for asking.


Season 6 – currently running

A little confession I am still stuck somewhere in season 4 because I don’t have time but this show is hella twisted, and from what I heard about season 5 is that the ending was the I want to scream and rant type of ending and now season 6 is here. I feel left out- but I definitely trust the showrunners to make it brilliant. 

Moving on to things I haven’t watched and I say this with a heavy heart- thank you A levels.


Season 3 – Out 

I am dying to watch this- I am gonna cry I will eventually. I can’t even rant about how badly I want to watch this.


Season 6 – currently running

I have a friend who is literally in love with this show and I promised him so many times I will watch it and I remember him ecstatically ranting about season 6.


Season 2- out

I feel so left out having not watched this and everyone who did watch it loved it so to-watch lists I think this is a safe and a short one too. 

Okay, my brain is out- there are probably a couple more but these are the ones on the top of my head, so they are the ones I am most excited for. As if catching up with 9 series is an easy pill to swallow- while of course dying in work.

This is me signing off with sleep deprivation.

Happy watching, 

Rawan x

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