The Ultimate (+ Trendy) Winter Wardrobe Essentials List

By: Jana Shorbagy

November is halfway over. You know what that means? Winter is officially starting – finally. Since I know about the whole “I have nothing to wear” dilemma I’m gonna help you out with a list of winter essentials that’s are just gonna get you through this season.

A. Pants

1. leather pants

Either leggings or pants work. Perfect for a night out with your friends where you wanna look glam but still need to be cozy.

2. skinnies

Essential! Necessary!

You can’t go through winter without wearing skinnies at least once, you can style it with a sweater,a hoodie, a top, or some sort of coat. It’s also great for tucking in anything oversized.

3. mom jeans

Mom jeans are perfect for all those cropped sweaters or for that coat you wanted to wear not to mention they go great with almost anything.

4. straight leg pants

Absolutely look stylish with any and all sweaters and coats.

5. comfy leggings

night in with the girls? Too lazy to get out of bed? Put on a pair of leggings and put them with an oversized sweater. It always looks cute.

B. Tops + Sweaters

1. layering tees

Don’t lie – we sometimes need an extra layer under our cute yet very light top. So buy layering tees in black and white. They’re perfect for under your clothes in general or under your jacket. Not to mention, we can always wear them in school.

2. cashmere sweaters

if you go through winter without cashmere sweaters what are you doing. That’s all I’m saying. They come in all different styles and colors and are the perfect go to outfit.

3. sweatshirts/hoodies

cozy.cute. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to get dressed up so here’s the perfect item to always have on hand for a situation like this.

4. turtle neck top

Turtle necks are making a comeback as one of the trendiest things to wear during the winter. I mean could they be any cozier?

C. Outerwear

1. leather jacket

Never out of style. Style your outfit with a classy leather jacket.

2. puffer jacket

When the night is cold all you need to do is pair your cashmere sweater or pair that turtle neck with a simple yet very stylish puffer coat. It’s also great they make them in different styles now. You can buy it cropped or long, however you prefer.

3. cardigan

Not everyone is a cardigan person but you should really consider becoming one. Get that oversized cardigan. Wear it with skinnies and a turtle neck and voila, outfit made.

4. bomber jacket

Although you may think they’re going out of style you can never go wrong with a simple bomber jacket.

5. faux fur jacket

The new trend is fur. All furrryyy jackets. They couldn’t be any cuter! We’re obsessed, or at least I am 🙂

6. denim/fur jacket

what has recently been on the trendy list of 2018-19 are basic denim jackets with fur on the inside. They’re hella cute as well as very warm it’s like you’re wearing a hug.

D. Dressy

1. sweater dress

Perfect for any surprise events during the winter. Gives the perfect balance between glam and casual.

2. winter skirt 

Wether it’s leather or suede or knit you can never go wrong with a skirt during the season!

E. Footwear

1. knee high boots

the newest trend right now. A must try for any winter party or night out. Pair it with a sweater dress or tuck your skinnies into them. Available in all colors. 

2. ankle boots

If you’re a boots kind of person this is for you. You need those ankle boots sis! get thin in different colors. Get them with chains. Get them with buttons. You do you! But have them around, always.

3. Booties

personally love them. You can wear them in any color with any outfit and instantly glams it up.

F. Accessories

1. cozy/blanket scarf

The perfect accessory to keep you warm and cozy while adding the missing touch to your basic outfit. This goes with anything you wear basically.

2. good quality tights

Tights, ughhh right? I hate wearing tights. They’re always getting ripped! To stop that I buy good quality tights maybe two pairs of them and just keep them all winter long since you never know when you’re gonna need them.

3. Beanie

This really depends on the person you are and your style. But you can always wear a beanie for warmth or style. Or even both.

4. Belt

Any belt is always helpful to tighten around that oversized sweater or to spice up your all black boring look.

5. Bralette

I know this doesn’t sound very winter-y but imagine wearing a cute bralette with a cute oversized sweater. Yes that’s the look.

G. Other

1. two piece set

One word for it: comfy.

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