16 Perfect Food Spots for When You’re Edging Between Fancy and Casual

By: Jana Elhini

Some days, we’re not in the mood for the regular Paul, Casper, or Ovio. Some days, we want to explore a little, maybe in Heliopolis or Maadi or even Zamalek. Some days, we don’t want to spend time in malls, but rather walk down the street and discover hidden gems. Some days, we don’t want casual but we’re not in the mood for fancy, we’re craving something that edges somewhere in between. Here’s a list of 16 relatively affordable and unconventional food spots to have an amazing food experience at!

1- Al Manzil  

Whether you’re going there for the mouthwatering wara2 3enab or the aesthetically pleasing fairy light tree, Al Manzil is a must try for every Lebanese food fanatic.

2- Pepenero

Your trip to Italy in the heart of Korba.

(Pro’s tip: go there on weekends so you’d get to try their amazing salad bar)

3- Ted’s Egypt

Offering a wide variety of dishes, Ted’s has maintained a high standard of food which is why it’ll always have a place in our foodie hearts.

4- Le Chantilly

The place your grandparents, parents and well.. you get to enjoy. Le chantilly has been open for as long as anyone can remember and we couldn’t be happier about that.

5- Bocca 

Their Instagram feed is an enough reason to cancel all your plans and just head on over there right now.

6- Maison Thomas

Offering a wide variety of pizza, Maison Thomas is the pizzeria to go to when in need of classic Italian pizza.

7- O’s Pasta

Just as the name suggests, O’s pasta is a literal pasta heaven. Whether it’s pesto or noodles, O’s has it all.

8- Sachi

Sachi offers a wide variety of sushi for those of us who love sushi and also Mediterranean cuisine for those of us who don’t.

9- Casareccio 

With a huge terrace and a gorgeous view, Casareccio has it all, especially on Thursday’s when they have live italian music playing.

10- Crimson Bar & Grill

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner by the Nile? Yes please! 

11- Naguib Mahfouz Café 

Located in Khan el khalili, an Egyptian gem, Naguib Mahfouz café has existed for ages. With countless tourists flooding in everyday, the place has become a unique destination for foreigners visiting Egypt.

12- Oak (Conrad Nile)

When looking for luxury dining in Egypt, it’s always oak that comes to mind.

13- Eish w Malh

As you can tell, I’m a bit obsessed with Italian food but don’t worry, this is the last Italian one.

14- Desouky and Soda (maadi)

Classic Egyptian food with modern twist, Desouky and Soda is exactly what we need for breakfast every.single.day. 

15- Lokali 

Halloumi fries? Yuuummmyyy! Lokali is probably the cutest restaurant I’ve ever seen, their food is definitely instagram worthy and well, just try it our yourself.  

16- White Owl

One of the best brunch places you can visit, especially because they offer both modern and traditional dishes.

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