Here’s Why We Love the Beautchiful Potato Known As Mohammed Tarek

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

Mohammed Tarek. That’s it. This is the article, because honestly, no other words are good enough to describe him. To those of you who don’t know who Mohammed Tarek is, I-I don’t even know what to say because like…HOW?(Read this in his voice). To cut it short, Mohammed Tarek is one of the very few people that under the title ‘Public Figure’, you won’t see perfect Instagram feed with every photo edited to perfection. Nope, be prepared to witness an explosion of de7k, puns, actual genuine feelings that he isn’t afraid to express and self-acceptance. 

I forgot to mention, he calls his followers potatoes and he just hit one million of those…yayyyyy! I mean, if the fact that so many people love him doesn’t show us how absolutely BEAUTCHIFUL this person is inside out and how his personality is uniquely amazing, I don’t even know what does.  

The reasons to love this big potato head cannot even be counted. Like, he’s one of the funniest and most iconic Egyptians ever. The thing we love the most about him though is that he’s not just showing us a shallow character created for social media targeting followers and an aesthetic feed. No, he’s as genuine as it gets, showing us the ups and downs of his journey. He’s filled with all kinds of positivity – except when it comes to his crush tab3an – and the best of them all is his body positivity that runs as big as Kylie Jenner’s car collection lol. 

Seriously though, we love how proud he is of his double chin in his stories and not hiding behind useless filters. We love how he owns his body and admires every single pound of fats on his body. We love how he’s being a role model to one million Egyptians, showing them that it is okay to be as fat or skinny as you want and that you shouldn’t give a care what anyone thinks as long as you’re comfortable. Showing them that if people don’t like you for who you are, for your personality, they can go to hell on a tok tok. We love how he accepts hate and embraces it in a light, funny manner that no one else is capable of. 

Tarek is also the literal definition of self-made. He started off in 2015 making vines. Then, he took a step further and started a YouTube channel which now has 418 thousand subscribers like, what even… he released his first YouTube video “HOW TO SING SHAPE OF YOU TUTORIAL” two years ago, and that was enough to grasp the attention of a huge part of the Egyptian population and many  other people across the middle east. In these two years only, he managed to gain the love of 418K committed subscribers that impatiently wait for his new videos every single week.

Over a year ago, he released the first video of the ‘Who is…?’ series, where he tells us the story of a famous person and how they became so popular.  The first video was about Kim Kardashian and he basically did what I’m doing right now (telling y’all the story of her life and how she got famous etc) but it was definitely funnier and gained more views haha. 

I could go on all day about why this icon is one of the very few people we absolutely love and admire – because we feel like we know him on a personal level, because every single video of his is filled with more happiness, genuine feelings and passion than the previous one. Mohammed Tarek, I can offer you one word to sum up how we feel about you, respect. 


A big potato head. 

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