7 of Three Full Bellies’ Favorite Zamalek Hidden Gems

By: Three Full Bellies

We love Zamalek. There’s just an unmatched sense of coziness and warmth that we find there. Maybe it’s the trees or the crowdedness or the fact that everything is at a walking distance. Being our true foodie selves, we always make it a rule to keep on hunting for new places & hidden gems. So here’s our take on our favorite places in Zamalek.

1. Holm Café 

We won’t be exaggerating if we say it’s the best café with the best coffee. It’s our favorite study spot. They have amazing options for a quick bite that will appeal to every taste. Our go-to order is the apple beet salad which they’ve introduced recently. The croque monsieur is great too and the bakery always has some fresh goodies. We can’t not mention their huge couch which we pretty much go for specifically. 

2. Self Juicery

One Word. Parfaits. Their greek yoghurt parfaits are the main reason why we keep coming back. The yoghurt has a distinct vanilla flavor and a thick consistency we did not find elsewhere. We’ve also tried their cobb salad many times, it was perfect and SO filling!

3. Gelato Mio

Seriously, we’ll never get over their Lindt gelato, it’s just not happening. We love how they have many unique flavors so every time we get to try something new! From plum (bar2oo2) to ricotta they’re just full of surprises. The twix is one of our favorites too.

4. O’s Pasta

We would love to just have their pasta every day. We haven’t visited them as much as we’d like tbh but we’ve never tried any restaurant pasta that can be remotely compared to theirs. Take care tho, the place is tiny so not that recommended for big groups.

5. Zooba

It’s safe to say that our Zooba obsession is growing everyday! We love everything they do! From their unique twists on our staple Egyptian dishes to how environmentally friendly they are. We even love the design of their paper bags. Our favorite items are: batates with salad and tehina sandwich, taameya and betengan sandwich, koshari, cauliflower salad, betengan salad and the shawerma bowl. Ps. Zooba’s Zamalek branch is also not recommended for big groups.

via @zoobaeats

6. Seecoz

We fell in love with Seecoz as soon as they opened 2 years ago. When they opened in Zamalek we were ecstatic! Their gyros and souvlakis are crazy-delicious. We definitely recommend the fried chicken souvlaki *with the seecoz sauce*! You also shouldn’t skip their halloumi fries or their cheese fries..

7. Bonsai

We tried bonsai recently and loved the place. The interiors are really nice and the food’s amazing! Their ricotta spinach ravioli is truly perfect.

via @bonsai

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