Why We Need to Understand Our Parents’ Financial Struggles and Be Grateful

By: Jumana

I know that money makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Why? For many reasons really, but mainly because a lot of us are so insecure; insecure about the money we have, the money we don’t have, the money our parents spend on us, or don’t spend on us. Part of growing up is understanding your parent’s financial situation, money doesn’t grow on trees. 

We’ve all heard the “ana te3ebt 3ashan teb2a enta/enti fel makan el entu fi delwa2ti”, to which we reply to with a huff, an eye roll maybe, and an “ughhh 7ader ya mama, oltili melyon mara, khalas ba2a”. 

This is exactly what a spoilt, babied child would say. This sentence is the epitome of what you shouldn’t say, or heck, say it but at least understand differently. 

I know we all want to think that our parents are actually millionaires and that they just want us to be humbled but that isn’t the reality of how things are. Our parents actually work so much for us to be wherever we currently are. I’m not talking about anyone else’s situation, because everyone’s situation is different, but I can safely say, that my parents work so so much, seriously, for me to be able to sit here and write this article, for me to get the education I did, the education that made me into the person I am today; humbled, educated, aware, but most importantly, grateful. 

If you’re that rich kid, the one with the cars lining up, the laptops, the one that lives in a mansion, whatever, you should stop and think of all the money you’re wasting, I know you may think that money is abundant, and it may be, but you never know what might happen next. Even if nothing happens and your parents remain forever rich, you won’t. You won’t remain rich, or frankly, not in your parent’s care either. One day, you’re going to have to grow the fuck up, and realise the world isn’t here to serve you, the world isn’t a big concert, it isn’t your play field and it certainly doesn’t revolve around you. 7ata if you have a wasta in your job or whatever, you don’t and will never have a wasta for life, I promise you that. 

On the other hand, if you’re the kid who struggles financially, doesn’t go out with their friends because of lack of financials, sees the world as this black cloud, please don’t. I understand that you might think that the world hates you, you might be surrounded by really rich kids and find yourself constantly comparing yourself to them and asking what ifs and whys, please stop. Use the fact that you’re not the most privileged and work and exert yourself to be the person you want or wish you could have been. Don’t view your life as a curse, view it as a blessing, because it’s hard now, but if you use that as your stepping stone, the I promise, fate has something good stored away for you. 

Now, if you’re the person in the middle, you’re not insanely rich but you can’t prominently feel an absence of money or recourses around you then please, I urge you to understand where your parents stand financially. I know they say ignorance is bliss and stuff but no, it really isn’t. Most of the time, your parents are working their ass off so that you won’t feel like you’re poor, or that you’re lacking in something, welcome to the middle class, honey. If this is your case, please don’t go around throwing money everywhere, okhrogu and do whatever, but if you usually go out thrice a week or so, make it once or maybe twice if you won’t spend as much. I know how easy it is to get lost in the commercial world but believe me, you’re better off without.

Understanding your parent’s financial situation is something I think everyone should do or work to do, if you can’t guess where you lie on the financial spectrum, sit your parents down, talk to them. Seriously talk to them, ask about how they’re doing, if they’re struggling, if they’re fine, if you can do something to help. It’s a lot, I know, it feels way too much like growing up but well, we won’t stay kids forever. 

I know that if you’re still in school, a lot of people might find you weird or faksan awi but believe me, the sooner you start understanding the inner workings of the financial world, the sooner you’ll be able to better your parent’s life and your life, as well, now and onwards. 

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