12 Winter Movies We Cannot Wait to Rewatch

By: Zeina Elmofty

Winter hasn’t yet kicked in and we’re sick of it. Hoodies are too heavy and you’re psycho if you wear sleeveless shirts. We all have winter fever, but the weather is obviously not much of a help, so allow me to give you a small head-start and set the winter-y mood with this list of winter movies we all love.

1-Wind River

With snow in the background of every scene, a story of a tracker and an F.B.I agent investigating a case in which a girl froze to death sets. Time for some suspense.

2-Let it Snow

With the newest Netflix film, let it snow is a light movie with multiple love stories and lotsa smiles. Aka everything you need to warm up for winter.

3-Winter’s Bone

By tracking down her missing father, a teenager
from Ozarak Mountain is attempting to save her family from eviction.

Disclaimer: Jennifer Lawrence is always in an icecap.

4-Joyeux Noel

Christmas Eve, 1914: Storytelling time. Stories of love and friendships and empathy are shared within a French, German and a Scottish troop. Cheesy? Yes. Awesome? Hell yes.

5-The Revenant

Non-survivable place and Leo DiCaprio. You imagine the rest. Tohfa.


Humans? Countable. And the last of them are all on a train, separated by class, and of course, the least rebels against the system.


Say what you want but you know it and you secretly love it. A story of two sister, lots of drama, a walking/talking snowman and you singing along to Let It Go.

8- Home Alone

This hilarious story of the infamous troublemaker we all love. Never gets old does it? And seriously, when will his parents stop forgetting him?

9-Happy Feet

The black sheep but a penguin. The only one born without a singing voice. Ironic, adorable and pretty happy for a cold movie.

10- The Shining

Down for a thriller? Well watch a family miserably take care if a haunted hotel. Oo and watch a man as his face freezes.

11- Me Before You

Prepare a box of tissues because it’s about to get messy. The weather wasn’t the only cold thing in the story though, but so was the live story at first. But don’t worry, you’ll warm up to them.

12- Last Christmas

Who am I kidding? Of course I’m going to end this with yet another love story and yet another Emilia Clark movie. Seriously how can I not?

Don’t get too excited, it’s still too hot for hot chocolate, but you still need your chill time so enjoy babes :3

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