Should You Give Your Ex Another Chance?

By: Anonymous

giving your ex a second chance? let me just say a big NO, in some cases it may be the right choice, but still, no. Giving someone a second chance isn’t usually an easy decision. Even if that is genuinely the person who has hurt us, we’re often so eager to make it work, that we overlook huge, glaring relationship incompatibilities. And by “we”, I mean “me” — I am so guilty of this. My first relationships involved me getting back together with each ex over and over so many times that I didn’t know if I was coming or going. It was exhausting. And there was no good reason for it. 

An ex is an ex for a reason. Whichever one of you that ended the relationship, there were probably valid reasons. Even if you were not together for very long it is a painful process and not one you want to repeat very often, particularly with the same person. So what do you do if you feel like you have moved on and got over the heartbreak and then your ex comes back and says they want to give it another go?

so should you get back together with your ex ? 

simply put probably not

just don’t.

the infamous “ i’ve changed” shouldn’t make the cut anymore , actions speak louder than words, ALWAYS. Bottom line, if what your ex is doing isn’t lining up with what they are saying, they probably haven’t changed. If this is the case, then you most likely shouldn’t give them another chance. because obviously they haven’t changed for shit , most of the time anyway , you are bound to face the same problems as the first time which us why it’ll inevitably end the same way it did the first time.

I know our memories deceive us. We look back on our relationship, and somehow our minds only remember the good times. Our thoughts dwell on holidays spent together, our first vacation or our first date. We fondly reminisce about the excitement and joyous moments we’ve shared side by side.

And that’s okay – I’m not saying you should live your life in a miserable state of regret and pity. No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. But let’s get real.

Things ended for a reason, and those reasons are obvious.

When he decided that his friends were more important than you, he made his choice.

When he snuck behind your back to meet up with his ex, he made his choice.

And when you left him, you made your choice.

You knew in your heart that the relationship was over. You knew when he kissed you that things had changed – your body could feel it; your mind just had a habit of getting in the way. Instead of owning up to the bitter truth, you let things drag on, hoping and praying he would change, but he didn’t.

When he called you names or acted shadily, you tried to justify it, and now that he wants you back, you are attempting to defend it again.

That isn’t what a real, loving relationship is supposed to look like. You shouldn’t give up what you love because your partner is insecure. You shouldn’t have to make excuses as to why he never comes around your friends. And those texts ? You shouldn’t have to make up a fake story about how you understand why he’s talking to his ex.

Now I’m not telling you to sit and dwell on these painful memories. But these are valuable lessons that you have learned. When you got the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship, you saw a glimpse of yourself. When he begged you back a week later and sent a 2 A.M. call or  text, you resisted the urge to cave in. Remember how proud you were of yourself? Savor that feeling.

You will always know what is best for yourself; you just have to trust your heart.

When this guy eventually tries to win you back (and believe me, he will), instead of remembering what your brain initially shows you, force yourself to forget the whole memory.

Remember when he forgot to tell you you so much as an i love you , even though you went above and beyond to make him happy.

Remember when he walked away from you after a fight, just to end up apologizing that he learnt from his mistakes whe hasn’t.Remember that only past that memory lies the truth of why things had to end.

It’s okay to recall the right times. Your relationship had its positives, of course. But the truth of the matter is that the relationship had run its course. Whatever you needed to learn from it and however you were meant to grow has passed, and those growing pains were a sign that the time had come.

When he sends you that random dm a few weeks, months or maybe even a year later, remember what you’ve just read.

You’re a beautiful, talented, compassionate woman who deserves to be treated with love and respect. 

When he reaches out to you and wants you to “forgive him,” remember your worth and how proud you were when you got a little bit of clarity after leaving.

You don’t have to be rude or condescending – in fact, I suggest that you not behave that way.

Instead, merely wish him well – and mean it – then move on, just like you did before.

Your future self will be proud of you.

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