The Only Reason I’m Excited for Winter is That I Get to Take My Bra Off

By: Jumana

Ahhhh winter.. I love winter, something a lot of people don’t understand but I do. Winter brings along Christmas, aesthetic pictures, cuddles under blankets, hot chocolate and over-sized hoodies, what more can you want? You know what else winter brings, though? Not wearing bras at home, or outside for that matter.

 I hate wearing a bra, and I’m one of those firm believers that say that the word ‘hate’ is a seriously strong word but alas, here I am, saying that I hate wearing a bra. 

No one really likes wearing a bra; the underwire hurts, the straps leave red marks on your shoulders and it’s just really really uncomfortable to be constantly wearing it. 

I know not wearing a bra in this country, hell, this world, is a complete no-no. I can’t even imagine my parents’ reactions if I leave the house without it being prominent that I have a bra on. They’d totally flip if they knew, and I just love taking advantage of the fact that in winter, I don’t have to worry about that. 

By the time January rolls around, I’m usually too busy piling clothes on myself to care about wearing a bra, not that it would be needed with the amount and size of clothes I’m wearing aslun. Let’s see, we usually have the undershirt, which might also be a turtleneck, followed by a sweater or a hoodie, and then maybe also a jacket and probably a scarf, you expect me to, after all of that, kaman wear a bra? Lehhh? 

During winter, in the mornings when I’m getting ready for school, I seriously can’t be bothered to think about wearing a bra, it’s always so cold, and I’m always shivering and I want to be as comfortable as possible. Obviously, wearing a bra is not on my list of how to get comfortable in winter. Plus, getting to break social norms, defy beauty standards and seriously ditch that old notion that says bras = proper is a perfect way to spend my day, if you ask me. 

And, yes, I know there are a lot of myths circulating around not wearing a bra but I’m telling you, that’s all they are, myths. 

Sagging breasts? Fake. Research has actually proven that wearing a bra weakens your chest muscles and causes your breasts to sag more (unless you’re exercising because then a bra actually helps with sagging). 

Healthier? Fake. Wearing a bra actually traps oils and dirt that has gathered under it, which actually causes acne, rashes and other skin problems. Bras, especially tight bras, can also cause breathing problems because of how they constrict your chest and sometimes may even squeeze the big vessels underneath the skin which causes cardiovascular problems. Also, sleeping with a bra on actually disrupts your sleep cycle and your quality of sleep. 

So unless you really need a bra and it causes you more comfort than discomfort, just stop wearing a bra, and you know what helps me do that? 

Winter 🙂 



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