Here’s Why We Truly Hate Going to Schools

By: Marie Kamal

Why do we hate school? When we (students) say we hate school it doesn’t mean we hate education and knowledge. It means we hate selfish and annoying people, we hate teachers who don’t care about us. We hate the stupid rules they make us follow, we hate that there is no room for creativity and we hate that we are being judged by a number or a letter on a piece of paper. Is this what school is supposed to be? Making us feel like failures?

I’m not talking about a specific school, I’m talking about schools in general. There is something wrong with all of this. When they give you a whole week off and you are still miserable going back then there is a problem. When you hate yourself for the simple reason that you don’t fit into school expectations then there is something wrong. When you get laughed at by a teacher or classmates for being different then there is a problem. They always say you should embrace all your flaws, be creative and love everyone when teachers (not all of them, but some) are the one bringing you down, instead of encouraging you to be better and stand out. We are not accepted for who we are. We are always criticized for not being who they want us to be.

They don’t care about our mental health. They make you think that all there’s in the world is grades and passing classes. They never taught us about social life, mental health, time managing, nothing. You get depressed and anxious over fucking grades. You lose sight that you are still young and have a long life full of adventures to live and start prioritizing school over every single thing in life, even your mental health. And I am not saying by any means, that you shouldn’t care and you shouldn’t prioritized school. I’m saying you shouldn’t put that much pressure on yourself. You are going insane but it’s okay because grades are more important than mental health. NO! NO! NO! Maybe school taught us that. But it’s not right. Kids feel physically ill and have mental breakdowns on the thought of studying. Studying shouldn’t be like that. You should love that you are learning new things, not scared of failing a test. It’s sad that in the end of the year students are like “ Fuck it, I don’t care if i FAIL, I just want to finish”. The thing is, they care. But the pressure put one them is more than there will to succeed. 

Teachers please don’t make fun of anyone, please don’t make someone feel embarrassed. When a student doesn’t want to talk or participate, don’t force them because you don’t know what they are going through. Kids sitting in the back of the class are not failures and they are paying attention. They are just scared. They are scared of what you’ll say if their answer is wrong. They don’t want their classmates to make fun of them. 

Don’t force anyone to work in groups. Don’t force anyone to do a presentation. Don’t tell them to get over it if they are scared or have an illness preventing them from doing the task you assigned them to do. Everyone is different. Not because one person can do something that everyone can do it. 

We aren’t lazy, we are tired. Tired of always getting blamed. Tired of not being good enough. What if the school systems are the problem? Did anyone thought about that. 

Our grades are dropping, we have zero motivation and we are tired of everything. We are tired of getting judged by our GPA. Maybe our strength is something else than sitting in a classroom listening about powerhouse of the cell.

Why would we want to do something that makes us feel miserable every single day? Society.

P.S. I am not trying to offend anyone by writing this. I’m talking about schools in general around the world. I’m only saying what every teenager is thinking and going through. I collected opinions from lots of teenagers and gathered them in one place.

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