6 Arabic Novels That Will Make You Fall in Love With Reading All Over Again

By: Jana Elhini

A call to all bookworms who never thought they’d enjoy Arabic books, I’ve been there, and believe me, you will. I’ve been devouring books since the third grade and I’ve always refused the concept of reading a book in Arabic but guess who recently read an Arabic book and literally fell in love? This girl right here. As much as English might seem as the easy language with the easy books as well as the popular ones, Arabic is honestly worth the shot. Arabic books seem to have a unique taste to them, it’s like reading a book that’s speaking to your inner psyche, a book that makes a connection with you and eventually becomes part of who you are. Which is why I compiled a group of 6 Arabic novels that are guaranteed to make the necessary connection.

الفيل الأزرق

احمد مراد

I’m sure you’ve all watched at least one of Ahmed Mourad’s movies, but have you actually read the books behind these blockbusters? As brilliant as his movies are, Mourad’s books have a unique way of capturing you and exporting to a whole new world. Just make sure you read الفيل الأزرق before they release the new movie next year.


محمد صادق

A book, a movie, a song, Hepta is one of the best experiences you can go through. Its unique story and jaw-dropping end makes you fall in love with Arabic novels more and more.

عائد الي حيفا

غسان كنفاني

Through this beautiful novel, Kanafani shows you history from a more personal aspect. This book simply teaches you that everything changes in a heartbeat, a must read for all the history lovers who’d like to know how war affects the lives of people.

ظل الافعي

يوسف زيدان

The novel is by the amazing Youssef Zeidan and like all his other novels, this one is a masterpiece. I consider it a tribute to womanhood, it tells the story of how women went from being goddesses, beautiful creatures that men worshipped to “inferiors” in the patriarchy. In my opinion, this is one of the best novels on this list and it is 100% a must read.


احمد خالد ترفيق

The title pretty much gives it away, this novel is about how a huge gap in social classes can affect how a country functions. It also shows how when a country is divided, each side starts to develop a whole new thought system with different morals and beliefs. A must read for all the politics lovers.

في قلبي أنثى عبرية

خولة حمدي

The novel tells the delicate relationship between religions and how high the walls between us can be. It revolves around the lives of two girls of different religions who were brought together by fate and parted leaving their mark on the other.

Hope these novels are the necessary push that’ll make you fall in love with your mother tongue!

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