8 Types of School Teachers in Every School – No Matter Where You Are

By: Zaynab

Disclaimer: Of course I can’t summarize the entire world’s teacher population in 500 words. Of course there are different types of new teachers and head teachers, etc. I respect all teachers and appreciate their effort-even if they’re not very good teachers. The only one I truly hate is a certain Dolores Umbridge – but never mind that!

By now, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been acquainted with the grueling establishment known to many as school. Luckily for us, that also means that we know the people involved in such a place, AKA the teachers. It’s a well-known fact among students that not all teachers are the same. There are good teachers, and there are bad teachers, but I’m about to get really specific about the types of teachers we’ve all come across, cause their types are general enough for most everyone to have run into.

1- The Headteacher

For some reason, Ms Trunchbull from Matilda comes to mind. You know, the one who throws kids around from their pigtails, and makes ‘em eat cake till they vomit? Typically strict, unforgiving, and just plain scary, the headteacher is often the one to make our lives a living hell. I mean, I get that they’ve got a difficult job, but dude, is it really that hard to offer a genuine smile?

2-The new, young wannabe

Okay, this one’s conflicting. They’re new to the school-and presumably, the country- thus desperate to prove themselves to both their colleagues and their students. There’s the type that tries to compensate for that fact by attempting to be stern and to enforce discipline. Sadly, that doesn’t usually work too well if they haven’t got a prior reputation. There’s the other type that is really nice and tries to be our friend. That’s very much appreciated, but we still need to pass this class, so please show us that you’re as qualified as you claim to be, and know that we’re not questioning your capabilities, you just need to earn our trust!

3- The one who has been at school forever

You know, the teacher that has been in this school forever? The one who’s rumoured to have fought in WWII? Can either be a cranky, bitter person or the sweetest old man/lady ever. Personally, I try to be as nice as possible to them, because I can’t imagine being surrounded by teenagers everyday for 50 years, but you do you. 

4-The cool teacher

Unbelievably cool. The one who doesn’t mind listening to our problems and genuinely wants to help. Probably also the one who’s got plenty of adventurous stories to tell. Usually an English teacher, but occasionally turns out to be a History or Science teacher. Can talk about conspiracy theories for hours, and doesn’t mind talking about politics with his students. Makes us feel like respected adults.

5- The school counselor

So so kind, there to help, offers plenty of support, hugs, a huge boost in self-esteem, maybe even some sweets. Doesn’t shy away from any stigmatized topics. Way too underrated, and unfortunately not present in all schools.

6- Head of Department

Typically extremely competent. Occasionally roasts all of his/her students, offers sarcasm galore, but is still considered one of the good teachers. 

The incompetent heads of department however, are completely another deal. Could make a point of giving their students a test without telling anyone-”you’re the smart class, you should be able to handle it”-just to prove their classes are superior, only to be proven extremely wrong-I’m looking at you, Mrs R!

7-The one that hates you

“Walahy el ragel da beyesta2sadny,” a sentence we’ve all muttered at least once in our lives. For some reason, it is that teacher’s job to make your life miserable. Everyone talking in class? Hey, you are the exclusive winner of a detention, congratulations! Gee..thanks.

8- The one that adores you

Why?  No idea.  Am I going to question it?  Hell no-what if I jinx it? Usually my attitude towards these teachers. They love me, great! I do my best in their classes, just as a thank you for being nice to me, maybe bend the rules once or twice but that’s about it. Maybe get offered some chocolates-yay!!

To sum up, we’ve got plenty of types of teachers. Most we suffer from, some are great. Some we love, some we hate. Regardless, we all deserve to have a great year, so I’d just like to send you and teachers everywhere positive vibes!!

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