7 Easy, Affordable, and Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls and Boys

By: Fadila

Halloween is this week and everyone is scrambling around for a costume idea. I’m not a fan of parties myself, but I have a thing for costumes. Here’s the thing, I’m sick of seeing basic outfits with some makeup, followed by comments of “Oh, I’m dressed as a devil” or “I’m a half-naked Joker”, and so on. You go out of your way to find a costume and you end up spending unnecessary money on clothes and makeup and you still end up with a super basic fit. It sucks. So, I’ve done nothing but create ideas that are so conventional they are unconventional, super simple, with items already in your closet, with conservative and sexy versions, some tips on jewelry and makeup, AND I’ve hooked you up with the lit-est Halloween MUA. 

1- Witch!

Now, I don’t mean a Western-idea of a witch, I mean the Egyptian depiction of witches. So, go all out with a black 3abaya, a shawl wrapped loosely around your shoulders or head, if you’ve got curly hair – all the better. Where’s the actual room to play? Makeup and Jewelry. Lots of silver bangles, big earings are a must, layer silver stone necklaces, stack those rings baby, even better, paint your nails black if you can! For makeup, line your eyes with black kohl, use foundation that’s a shade paler than your skin tone to give it a paler look, contour your cheeks well so they look a bit hallowed in, and finish the look off with a nude lip. 

2- Topless-cliche-ya3-thing made good

Most guys try to go topless as a way to show off their physique, but the way they do it makes it look a bit ya3 to be quite honest. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off a body you’ve worked hard for, however, if you want to make it look hot, then don’t disguise it under another costume. Leather pants are your best friends, make sure they’re form fitting, they hug your body just right. It’s always good to pair leather pants with combat boots, finish off the look with a leather harness (if you can find one, although I think most people believe it’s more a “kink” than an accessory), and line your eyes with some kohl. Own your hotness, love, but make it as classy as you can. 

3- Kim Possible – Innocent to Sexy 

Cargo pants, combat boots, and a black crop top – all items you can find in your closet already. You can make your makeup “natural” to give you an innocent look, or you can make it super sexy with a smokey eye and a bold lip. Make sure to put in big hoops and if you want your outfit to be a bit sexier consider wearing either a tube top instead of the crop top, a mesh top, or a leather crop top. 

4- Corpse Groom

Seriously, all you need is a black tux. Black slacks, white chemise, and a fitted black jacket coupled with a 40s hairstyle (slicked down the middle with some volume pushed in). For the makeup, well, that’s easy, just book an appointment with Salah! Salah is a MUA  that’s practically legendary at this point when it comes to SFX makeup. Just look how amazing Yousef Scandar looks. Corpse groom is gloomy but it can be sexy if your suit is fitted to YOU, so make sure it is, just so it can show off your body and your shape in a flattering way. 

5- Jessica Rabbit

I have no idea why so many people don’t do Jessica Rabbit, I mean, she’s sext as shit! The outfit is super simple, just a long tight dress, preferably red, you can easily cut a slit down the dress if yours doesn’t have one and blue/purple elbow-length gloves. Then, all you need are a pair of heels and a retro curl at the end of your hair. The makeup is super simple, just a bit of blue/purple shadow and some faux lashes with a red lip. You’re ready to go, all you need to do is trek in your mama’s and teta’s closets for a bit. 

6- Superman 

You guys, super man is hot! He’s this perfect mixture of good and naughty, like, somewhere in between cute dork and sexy beast, we need more superman costumes! All you need is a superman shirt that’s a size smaller than your size, a ripped white chemise, tight black dress pants, and a tattered suit jacket. If your superman shirt is a tanktop instead – all the better. Do us all a favor, coiff your hair and wear thick black frames (glasses). It’s a blend of adorable and sexy, just trust me on this one. 

7- Cruella Deville

Super villain goals, right? All you need is a little black dress, a white fur coat or shawl, black strappy heels, and some flour in half your hair. Legit, that’s it. For makeup, just use some light foundation, add some arch to your brows, vibrant green shadow, faux lashes, and a red lip. If you can add a cigarette holder to your costume, then you’re just hitting the nail on the head, yeah? 

I’m not out of ideas, but I think this is enough material for you guys to find something different, or to trigger an idea that’s easy, simple, and sexy-fiable. Salah is your go-to man this season, he has gone above and beyond to create looks that are positively insane and super attractive, they’re all well executed, and he’s in no way overly expensive. That being said, don’t be afraid to take basic and twist it around to make it cool and desirable.

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