Why Your First Love Never Really Fades Away

By: Renad

Many people say that your first love never seems to go away, and while I would really like to disagree with this statement, I can’t help but tell you that to some extent, it is very true. This doesn’t mean that you’ll stay hung up on this one person your heart decided to make you fall for, it’s different. You’ll move on, you’ll experience new love and you will find ‘the one’ and that’s if you believe there is a certain person for everyone. 

When I tell you that your first love never fades away I’m not telling you to go back to thinking about the first person you fell in love with. I’m just telling you that this specific person will always have a special place in your heart, their name will ring differently in your ear and their presence will most likely change the pace of your heartbeat. All of this is not because of them, but because of how they made you feel when you were deeply and madly in love with them. 

How do you expect to forget about your first love when it was the first time you experienced the sudden rush you get when you hear their name, the sweaty palms you get when you’re having a normal conversation with them, how your pupils expand whenever you lock eyes with them, the sleepless nights you spent thinking about them, the daydreaming and your overactive imagination taking advantage of your free time just to think about them. It’s all these things that make them significant, its all the first time experiences, the first time you felt like you had to get out of your way to see them smile, the first time you felt like them being happy would automatically make you happy, the first time your eyes widened and heart stopped beating when you smell the perfume or cologne they always use, the first time you focused on small things like how their eyes sparkle when they talk about their future goals or how the smell of bell peppers makes them nauseous from how much they dislike peppers. 

While you remember the good things, you also remember the bad because this is just how we function. You remember the first time your heart truly ached because you found out they don’t feel the same way, the rush of jealousy you got from seeing them get close with someone else, the time you had to act like you couldn’t care less about them although its eating you up inside, the first time you decided to move on and then have it backfire because you thought they showed some interest in you, the times you had to watch them suffer a bad experience and all you could do was suffer with them because you knew seeing them like that would do nothing but bring you down. 

It’s all these things that make your first love unforgettable, its not the person, but the feelings. You cant just forget the way they made you feel since the first time is always the most memorable one. You just need to come to terms with the fact that you are not hung up on the person, you’re just holding onto the feelings. You’ll move on and you’ll go through even more experiences, there’s always something new waiting.

One thought on “Why Your First Love Never Really Fades Away

  1. I totally agree. Its the feelings that we remember and sometimes those feelings are the reason we dislike someone. We might not even remember what they said


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