4 Teen Local Curly Hair Bloggers Inspiring Us Everyday

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

For years and years, we have been taught that straight hair is always the go-to, that girls with straight hair are prettier than girls with beautiful curls. Thus, you’ll probably notice many girls can’t go out without having their hair straightened, don’t take pictures except if their hair is straighter than a knife’s edge and so on. Worry not though, for these absolutely gorgeous teenage curly hair bloggers are hell-bent on making us embrace our amazing natural curls whilst showing us how fun and cool taking care of curly hair actually is – and that it is not the nightmare we probably think it is. 

Just a disclaimer before we start, these are the most popular bloggers that I came across and I’m really sorry if I didn’t include someone I should’ve. Also, these lovely girls aren’t numbered from ‘best to worst or anything’ it’s just mainly a way of organizing my and your thought. Anyways, without further ado, let’s get into the real talk. 

1-@curlyup by Jana El Sayed

She is literally the cutest person ever. She is just so sweet, like, her Instagram page legit feels like home. You’ll find anything that you want there. From her infinite support for girls, to DIY shampoos to her really cute giveaways to product reviews – literally everything. Also, her hair transformation over the past two years is just unbelievable which just further proves how effective her ways are. What is really amazing about Jana, though, is that all the products she uses are local, affordable and effective – which is basically goals. She also always writes her captions in both Arabic and English which is really really appreciated. Jana, to cut it short, we stan girl. 

2- @egyptiancurls by Asmaa Heikal 

Now what we really love about Asmaa is that she is the most genuine person ever. She just screams natural in every way possible. Also, we love that all the products she uses are literally very affordable and available anywhere – like, they’re so not hard to find. We also loooove a quote she used literally a year ago but its meaning stayed just as powerful and that is – natural hair is professional hair – and we couldn’t agree more, could we? Not only that but, Asmaa also posts ‘bad hair’ posts to further prove that everyone’s hair can have some ups and downs and doesn’t always have to be perfect. 

3- @spirituallycurly by Malak

Malak is the literal definition of goals. Spiritually curly, indeed, the name suits her perfectly. Now let’s ignore all the curly hair beef, she is vegan you guys, which is like the ultimate way of taking care of oneself AND the earth. Honestly? mad respect for this girl.  I mean, not only does she talk about hair care, nope, she has some super delicious vegan recipes, zero-waste products that we think everyone should start using. Overall, her feed is like the most aesthetically pleasing and friendly one ever. Malak, thank you for being the person you are, really. 

4- @itscurlysarah by Sarah Al Saif

We love how vibrant Sarah is and how she’s always looking for new products to use and always giving reviews about the products. She’s always looking for change and experimenting with new products trying to find what is best-suited for her hair.  Not only that, she also has a lot of really helpful tips when it comes to skincare. She also corrected common misconceptions that we have about certain natural products that people claim to be healthy for our skin when in fact they are far away from that and much more. Like, for real, I didn’t know how much her tips were needed until I stumbled on her page. 

++ @curlytalks by Dina Ghalwash

Now we know many of you probably know that Dina is not a teenager. However, she was the first girl to introduce the idea of taking care of curly hair in Egypt. Like, she started it, so there was no way that we wouldn’t include her in the article. I don’t think there’s much to say about Dina that you all probably don’t already know. Like, she’s the godmother of curly hair in Egypt and well, she’s an inspiration to say the least.

One thought on “4 Teen Local Curly Hair Bloggers Inspiring Us Everyday

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