A Message to Every Guy Who Lives Proudly By “Ba3ot w Akot”

By: Malak Hatem

I see you on different social media platforms sharing dirty jokes, parading pictures with a different girl every week, so very proudly, making fun of girls with standards who refuse to go out with you, practically shaming them that they have enough self-esteem to not settle for a guy like you or fall for your “charm”, joking about how this life that you’re living is THE life to live and how you’re doing what you’re doing because you only live once and all that. And i just can’t help but think “this guy is so delusional”. Now I don’t know if you realize that all that jazz is nothing but bells and whistles and that we can all see through it or if you’re actually clueless and think that all of this somehow makes you look “cool” or will maybe bump you up the social food chain.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this ain’t happening. And here’s why:

For starters, while you were so into this super busy life of yours, leaving girls on the hook left and right, being so indifferent about their feelings or what they go through when you leave so abruptly, not having a care in the world and thinking that because they are helpless broken little girls none of them will think of coming after you, you forgot about the one who will definitely hunt you down and kick your a** no matter how long it takes her, the amazingly fierce miss Karma. You’ve heard of her, no? Maybe seen what she’s done to people? How they always get what they deserve? It’s that simple, really, no bad deed goes unpunished. And what you’ve been doing, my friend, is no ordinary bad deed; it’s horrific, and horrible and heartless, and, above all, it’s pathetic. 

They call us, girls, attention seekers and that gets me thinking: haven’t they met any of you guys? Don’t they see that you are more of attention seekers than any of us could ever be? Allow me to elaborate. Guys like you love the attention and the affection girls offer them. They love having someone at their feet (figuratively) making them feel special, like no man is ever going to measure up to how great they are. And let’s face it some girls do that, if you “show” them that you care about them. Yes, we’re naïve. And it’s no coincidence that the girls who fall for you are always that naïve, you’ve obviously planned this meticulously.

And it’s not only that you’re lying to the girls’ faces to get the attention you want and then bolt, it’s also that what you’re doing is incredibly selfish. I mean seriously, have you ever stopped for a second before walking up to your next victim to introduce yourself and thought about what you leaving after she’s gotten attached to you will do to that girl? How it might actually ruin her for other good people? No! or else you would’ve backed off and never approached her in the first place. But that’s not how it works with you; your only concern is your own amusement and your amusement only.

Also, karma aside for a second, this is not okay, man. It’s not okay to go around breaking innocent girls’ hearts and even if they’re “not as innocent as we think”, it’s still not okay. I mean who do you think you are?! Just because you have the desired golden looks and the feared silver tongue you think it is okay to fool people into thinking you care for them? You owe it to yourself to be honest and you owe it to those girls to be truthful. It won’t do you any harm to be upright from the start and if you’re not into the girl just tell her. It probably won’t hurt her a bit, or maybe it will but at least it won’t be as much as it will hurt her after two weeks or a month of you pretending to be in love with her and then disappearing. 

Karma will get you, believe me. And it will get you hard. For every time you lied, cheated, put on a fake smile or told a fake “you’re special”, karma will hunt you down. For every time you broke a girl’s heart, told her you love her and left the next day, promised her you’ll stay and then took the first exit out, karma will find you. For every time a girl has cried because of you, or second guessed her beauty, or thought that she wasn’t enough, karma will seek justice. And for every time you made a girl feel like she wasn’t worth loving, karma will get justice for those girls.

It is not okay to lie to someone.

It is not okay to leave someone on the hook.

It is not okay to betray someone’s trust.

It is not okay to promise someone something and not come through. 

It is not okay to fool someone into thinking you care when you don’t give a hoot.

And it is not okay to make someone love you when you don’t love them back. 

This message is brought to you by “Jar of Hearts” –Christina Perri.

Yours truly, 

A girl who is fed up with the likes of you.

P.S you need to take a good, hard look at your life and maybe change your pathetic and immature way of thinking.

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