Grab Your Different Girl Squads, Squeeze Them Into One House, and Have an Epic Girl’s Night – A Guide

By: Amina ElFarouk

Going out and spending money with the girls on a thursday night is fun and all, but maybe you’re tired of the same old scene, same old douchey guys, same old  kheroogat that leave you half-dead in your bed until quarter past noon. Maybe you’re on a mini stay at home phase. Maybe you’re not trying to spend your entire masroof on food and Ubers. Maybe your feet are just sick and freaking tired of shoes. Maybe you’re still not over that almost-boyfriend you were talking to and aren’t quite ready to get back on the ‘going out’ thing. Or maybe you actually want to talk and hear your girlfriends, rather than just the booming chatter of strangers and the crowded streets of egypt.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting to stay in — own it. There’s nothing wrong with a Girls’ Night In; in fact, it rocks. And here are some fun (and super easy) ways to enjoy each other’s company. (affordable as well)

before i go ahead and list a bunch of things you can do, instead of your normal girl clique how about roping in a bunch of your other girls. for example, the shella you’re friends with at uni /school and your childhood shella, tamreen shella etc.. and invite the rest of the girls you love to spend time with and unite at someone’s house.

1.grab the beanbags and the speakers 

beanbags, rugs, blankets and  heat pads for the win. set up a crazy playlist filled with all the songs from your childhood and maybe even karaoke with your girls, i promise you this never gets old.

2. Watch a chick flick, because honestly nothing beats lazy, snuggling, popcorn-eating movie nights.

There are a zillion different love movies, comedies, scary movies, etc. Need inspiration? Check pinterest. Find something you all can agree on and put your feet up. You’ve had a long week, you deserve it!

3.Build a pillow fort

Because whoever said you were too old for pillow forts was dead wrong and you don’t need that negativity in your life. Also, pillow fights should be back in style, we love a good one.

4.Have a board game marathon

When was the last time you finished a game of Monopoly…like probably never, right? Take a trip down memory lane and play all the games of your childhood. You’re never too old! You can try the more adult route and purchase a deck of Al Ra2y AlTalet here, it’s bound to start some super controversial conversations. 

5.Host your own dance party

Turn your favorite music up loud and dance like nobody’s watching (because, well, they’re out and totally not having as much fun as you right now.)

6. karaoke

Who needs the crazy kherooga scene and the half-shouting into the crappy microphone when you can do all of that at home with more fun and less stress? All you need is your favorite YouTube channel, a speaker, your girlfriends’ moral support and some comfy pjs.

7. set up a movie outdoors 

Staying in doesn’t mean literally being confined to the walls of your apartment. Set up a screen or white bed sheet outside and project a movie against a wall or flat standing surface. Don’t forget the snacks!

8. the snacks

forget the expensive chocolate and drinks, here it’s time to trust the magic of your homey (inexpensive) egyptain snacks. stack them up and you’re set for a great night of snacking, from a crate of molto, a box of katakito or bimbo, some chipsy, mix chocolata, and 

9.kiss, marry,kill always!

pretty straight forward and self explanatory, if you don’t play this with your girls, are you really friends? Also, it’s the best possible way to help your single girl friends find a cute respectable boy, trust me, just give it a shot. 


last but not least, the inevitable; story telling. whether you’ve known each other since diapers or have just met, share stories with your girls and reminisce or make new memories! oh, and dissing boys always helps, you can always tenakkedo with some retelling of your epic heartbreaks and ruined dates. 

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