5 Cheap, Quiet, and Relaxing Places to Study All Around Cairo

By: Malak Hatem

*These places are not in order*

ONE – Second Cup

Although most of Second Cup’s branches all over Cairo are crowded almost all week long, the spirit and of course the coffee over there is just plain amazing and it makes it all worth it. Their coffee is never burnt, and there’s always a place for you even when all their tables are occupied. My friends and I sometimes walk up to people and ask if we could join them at their table until another table is available. And because the spirit there is like no other and it’s mostly filled with suffering students, we all get the struggle and they graciously let us sit with them.

TWO – Caribou Coffee

The thing I consider to be the most fun and interesting about Caribou is that not one cardboard sleeve there is like the other. Every one has a quote different from the one that follows. So along with getting your order of coffee just right, your cardboard sleeves have amusing things written on them like “coffee solves nearly every problem”, “hold me closer” and “I’m not the lid”. 

THREE – Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is always a great spot to study in because of their lovely donuts, obviously, their mouth-watering hot chocolate and please let’s not ignore their playlist, which although hasn’t changed in a couple of years, is still as equally fun as the day the music in it came out. It’s always quiet there and the people who visit dunkin donuts are usually either middle-aged humans who just came in to enjoy the donuts or a good cup of coffee and they’ll be on their way, or people like us, teenagers. Either studying or just hanging out, them being the same age as us makes it okay for us to go ask them to keep it down a bit because we’re studying. And because, again, they know the struggle, they don’t mind it.

The coming choices are if you’re looking for a quieter/cheaper place to get work done.

FOUR – AlMaqqar co-working space

AlMaqqar is originally located in Heliopolis but has recently opened a branch in Tagamoa, so yay us! AlMaqqar has amazing packages for students and for working individuals who intend on spending the whole day there. It is super affordable and super comfy, and of course there is wifi. There’s also some delicious snack options and you can practically just get up at any time, head to the kitchen and make whatever drink you like. AlMaqqar also gives you the chance to become a member there if you visit them regularly and enjoy a lot of the privileges they had to offer.

FIVE: The Bunker

The Bunker is also a co-working space in Heliopolis. They, too, have student packages, excellent food and just like in AlMaqqar, you could always order whatever you want if you don’t feel like eating the things that are there or if you want more. The Bunker also, last Ramadan, had bundles for students and non-students who wished to spend all day and break their fasts there. It offered great meal choices and incredibly reasonable prices (taking into consideration that you could spend the whole day there, you can have all your meals there too!)

Yours truly, 

A girl who rarely studies at home. 

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