Screams of the Innocent: The Tragic Unheard Story of 5 Year Old Jana Mohammed

By: Rawan Khalil

Disclaimer: This article contains disturbing and graphic content that you may find disturbing to read. The predominant theme of this article is a story that involves mentions of death and female genital mutilation.

I am sick of how cruel people are, of how cruel the world is and how unfair it can be. I am tired of seeing beautiful souls being deprived of having a future. I am tired of seeing babies and little kids deprived of the simple right to grow up and see the world. Imagine, not being given the chance to try. Imagine, the idea of a future being nothing more than… a mere idea. Imagine the innocence of a five-year-old getting squeezed out between the claws of rape and torture till death.

I cannot help but ask myself…

How can a mother hurt her child? How can a grandma hurt her granddaughter? What have we become? How can a person look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they have voluntarily and intentionally hurt a baby? How can the so-called wisest of this world be capable of inflicting pain on the purest and most innocent individuals?

Now, please allow me to put you in quite a depressing mood- but no matter how disturbing this is for you to read it was so much worse for the angel that died experiencing this narrative. 

Jana Mohammed Samir, a 5 year-old-girl is that angel.

Saturday morning she was pronounced dead.

Let me take a step back and tell you the entire story.

Jana’s parents are divorced and she and her sister, Amani, were given to their grandma so that she would take care of them. However, despite her duty-I would dare say-to take care of her granddaughters she did the exact opposite. She killed one and traumatized the other. 

Earlier last week the Director of Dakahlia Security receives a call from the Director of the security of the “Sherin General” hospital in the city of Mansoura reporting Jana’s case which was considered a critical case. Jana’s body was covered with bruises and third-degree burns in “sensitive” parts of her body.  

Let me take another step to give you a better understanding of this story.

Jana, the 5-year-old girl was held down and raped by her uncle, and then as a let’s-cover-up mechanism her grandma -aka her caretaker aka the human beast that killed her- decides that the best thing to do is to torture her. The inspector’s examination revealed that the child suffered burns in her body that were a result of the heating of a sharp metal object. It also shows that the burns mutilated sensitive parts of her body, back, and pelvic area, as well as a left leg with swelling and gangrene that required urgent surgery to amputate her leg. 

After the surgery, Jana was placed in intensive care but died on Saturday morning as her heart muscles failed. She gave up. Her body gave up. 

Right after Jana’s incident, investigations are Jana’s murder revealed the grandma has also brutally tortured Jana’s sister, Amani, by burning her body and mutilating her genitalia, and also she skinned and lifted parts of her breast’s meat using tweezers. The hospital report revealed that Amani had burned in a sensitive area of ​​her body, and areas of chastity, and demanded her case to be submitted to forensic medicine.

Jana and Amani’s father spoke to revealing that he and the mother split four years ago and that she got a court order last October to take the girls and take care of them. However, she was blind so she stayed with her mother who for some reason took that as a chance to torture her granddaughters and the mother just stood back hearing her daughters’ innocent screams and never interfering. 

Currently, Dr. Azza Ashmawi, Secretary-General of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood is demanding that the grandma is punished by the death penalty. She also confirmed in an official statement that the council is following investigations and procedures with the Public Prosecution, pointing out the presence of the prosecution team in the hospital to attend the autopsy procedure by the forensic department to find out the cause of death and injuries.

She also pointed out that the Council is currently taking all necessary measures to protect Amani, in addition to providing psychological support to her.

This story is in every sense of the word, horrifying. This would have never been known if jana was not enrolled to a hospital. So, now think of all the girls going through such things in areas of the word with no media coverage, think of how many unknown, nameless cases there are annually which are reminiscent of Jana’s. 

Jana’s story has exceeded the limits of criminality. Violently beaten, mutilated, raped, her sensitive flesh ironed, laceration in her womb, gangrene in her external genitalia and swelling in her legs to the point that they had to have it amputated. This torture may have surpassed what was present in detention camps of world wars and images of blood-shedding. Jana has died a martyr of human monsters. 

Rest in peace, 

our little angel

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