Yes, Girls Gossip About Boys Too and It’s Equally as Shitty and Harmful

By: Malak Hatem

Not a spoiler alert​: girls gossip. This shouldn’t be news; everyone knows that. It’s in our DNA. We gossip with friends, in family gatherings and sometimes as a form of bonding with people we’ve just met (we bond over our mutual dislike of something/someone). And let me just add that, us, girls, we gossip about everything, and i mean everything. From who got a new pen to who got a new boyfriend, and everything in between. Being chatty and extremely observant by nature makes the gossiping a whole lot easier. We notice things about people even if they don’t tell us and more often than not we tend to interpret their actions and write our own little stories. And because the process of interpretation along with the gossiping holds a little bit of drama within it, we, girls take pleasure in doing just that.

You, guys, know we gossip about you, I’m sure of it. We’ve come to peace with our chatty selves and learned to embrace who we are, so we don’t try to hide the fact that when the date/the conversation is over, for instance, imma run to my girlfriends and tell them all about it. I’ll tell them everything about you, from your name to what’s your biggest regret and passing by your favorite genre of music or what you do in your spare time. So basically i tell them everything i know about you. As in, anything you guys tell us, we tell our girlfriends. And believe me I’m not exaggerating at all. Like, remember those interpretations and stories i told you about earlier? Here’s how they come to life: let’s say you told a girl your weirdest pet peeve or like a guilty pleasure that was on the lines of “i love taylor swift or i like the spice girls”, now even though most of us girls love the spice girls and constantly listen to taylor swift, we may still make fun of you because of it and maybe even judge you a little bit? And that’s where it all becomes so brutal and simply awful.

It’s a fifty-fifty chance that your girl (be it your girlfriend or just your friend) is the kind of harsh gossiper that will tell her friends all the weird things you say/do and if she’s from el gossipers she won’t tell them your name. Others wait for their exes to come back crawling after that ,الطیبین insensitive breakup, two months earlier, just so they could tell their friends all about it. And, again judge you for it.

When the fb group “Her Diary” was founded, it was called “Bakrah elregala” at first. Girls from all over egypt all gathered in one place to post and tell each other how their exes broke their hearts and how they were horrible and did so and so and they would actually enjoy it when other girls joined in and made fun of the guys. And I’m just sitting there like “girl, you did this to yourself. Why did you go out out with a trashbag in the first place?!” And seriously let’s all just agree that WHATEVER that guy did to you, and for whatever reason, la hwa wala ahlo leehom zanb yetshetmo mn nas that never even met them just because you decided that gossiping about him will make you feel better about yourself.

I’m not gonna lie or pretend I don’t do it. I, too gossip about boys. But seriously girls there has to be a limit. His secrets, his insecurities, the private things he told you because he trusted you, actually anything he told you in confidence you shouldn’t be sharing with people and specially people who only know him from your stories. It’s not fair. And it’s unethical.

I am a gossiper tbh, ask any of my friends. But I don’t live off of it. I have other important things in my life to chat about and make interpretations about without hurting someone and causing them harm. You don’t need to be bringing up people constantly to make fun of them or degrade them in front of your friends. You don’t need to belittle someone just because they do things differently than you. And I’m sorry for this, but if you need to gossip to vent and feel better, you obviously need a new hobby. Try eating carrots; it helps more than you think.

Yours truly,
A fellow gossiper.

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