How to Know Your Partner is Cheating On You

By: Malak Atwa

DISCLAIMER: so first to begin with, just so everything is crystal clear. I AM NOT SPEAKING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I have not cheated, nor have I ever been cheated on. I’m speaking from my personal knowledge from movies, books and friends. These are not full proof signs that indicate that your partner is cheating on you. Make sure you talk to them first, don’t make any assumptions, don’t listen to what others tell you. Communication is key so, communicate.

There are numerous “types” or ways of cheating. There is: physical, emotional and cyber.

However, all types of cheating; are still cheating. It’s not okay to stay in a relationship where you have been cheated on, it’s also not okay to stay in a relationship where you yourself have cheated on the person you’re with. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to them. You are both wasting your time and energy being in a deadend useless relationship. If you claim that you are in love with whoever you are in a relationship with then you would have never turned to someone else for attention, affection, sex or whatever else. No matter what your partner lacks. Do us all a favor and leave instead of cheating. Only cowards do that.

When your partner is cheating on you it’s most likely that they become more and more secretive. Even though they might claim that they just happen to want more personal space or claim that you are being too nosy. Your partner will usually turn off their notifications so you can’t see them on the screen when you are together, or they might even pull away their phone or put their phones facing down that way you can’t see when notifications pop up. They might walk away to take a phone call or answer texts. They’re constantly texting and always take their phone with them everywhere they go. But, just because they do it doesnt mean that they are 100% cheating on you, some people like their privacy, I am one of those people, but not when it is excessive and paranoid. 

Cheaters sometimes feel guilty about what they’re doing – law 3andohom dam bas akeed that’s not normally the case – and if so, they shower you with gifts and become overly attentive. They do this to cover the stench of their guilt. They also overshare every single detail, small and big, even if it may be absolutely useless information, they’ll share it because “liars talk too much” to create alibis and diverte you from what they are actually doing – or who. If they don’t overshare, they stop filling you in on the details of things all together. They go almost completely radio silent. Dodging questions and plans. Lacking intimacy and passion in conversations or outings or both. 

Another thing to note is that their appearance improves a lot. If they change from sweatpants to jeans or maybe they still look the same when they’re with you, but if they’re out with friends or at an event they look almost like a completely different person. You’ll find them distant and even at times unreachable. If they are cheating on you it’s less likely for them to answer your calls and texts. Their schedule changes, suddenly – or not so suddenly – they’re constantly busy. 

Cheaters and/or liars are hostile, mainly because in their brain they rationalize their behaviours putting you, an innocent person, at fault. Sometimes they do it so often to the point where you actually start believing it yourself. They push all the blame on you, they are judgmental, they’re different. However, different doesn’t always mean wrong. Please keep in mind that if your partner has engaged in any of these behaviours it does not necessarily mean that they are cheating on you. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t make unnecessary assumptions. Talk. listen. But if you do and find out that your partner really is cheating. Dump their ass, because you, my friend, deserve so much better. It’s not your fault.

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