4 Awkward Moments All of Us Have Been Through

By: Farah Tarek Aly

Every teenager has had their fair share of embarrassing moments throughout their years, but there are some moments that we’ve all been through – no exceptions – for real. Yet, no matter how embarrassing these moments were, we somehow survived them to face another day in the hall of shame.

First things first is that every teenager has their playlists ready made and available whenever, but there is always a song or two that are  not very much liked by everyone or are considered somehow “inappropriate”, so when that particular song is played on speaker, you can easily predict what happens next. Apart from the sudden redness of your cheeks, there’s the extreme dryness in your mouth that stops you from answering the questions you’re dutifully showered with.

 Second thing, is that we’ve all attended that damned bio class in middle school, where no matter how confident you were, you felt that heat rush through your whole body when the teacher first mentioned the menstrual cycle or anything sex-related. Along with that comes the stuttering that hits you the hardest when talking to your crush and saying some dumb shit that you’d never say in a good state of mind.

Not to forget that we’ve all had that encounter with either a distant relative/friend or anyone and was forced to say hello or whatever and then they drop the bomb question “enta msh fakerny ya habeeby wala eh”, and you just freeze there cause you have no idea who the hell they are or at least can’t recall their name so you simply nod in disgrace and have that foolish smile painted on your face.

You’re not alone.

Also the one thing that we all do ,whether you were at a party or on the phone and accidently you lose your focus and pretend like you’ve been hearing the whole story from the beginning and going like “oohh that’s crazy” or “you go!!”, then the shock falls on you when you know they’ve been asking you a question or even sadder if the topic wasn’t as exciting as your respond was so you just freeze there and you are at a loss of words. You’re not alone x2.

Okay so first, let’s admit that we all have those stories with our friends that we wish our families know nothing about, but we’ve all literally always had a slip of the tongue and ALMOST said some stuff we weren’t supposed to say and our friends either hit us with the “take bloody care” or just gives you that stare were you literally go numb and panic on how to change the topic real fast. 

You’re not alone x3.

Lastly, I just want to say that no matter the amount of embarrassing memories we’ve all been through, it somehow shaped us into the unique weirdos we are today and I’m just saying: embrace those awkward moments because you’ll laugh about them so hard later on in life, your stomach will hurt.

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