13 Studying Tips/Hacks to Help You Study Well Enough to Get Better Grades

By: Marie Kamal

Let’s face it, school is hard and stressful as hell. You have to dedicate time, and hard work to get good grades and graduate. Students are drained with essays, exams, assignments and many more tasks to do, especially in High school. It may get overwhelming. But what can we do? We have to study to get good grades. Maybe stu(dying) is not that bad after all. 

Here are 13 tips/hacks to get the grades you want/need: 

ONE: Study. I know no one likes studying (if you do, good for you) but if you want to get good grades, well guess what, you should study. Study for at least 1-2 hours a day. Don’t just study for a test or exam. Study because you want to learn and educate yourself. 

TWO: On weekends, you should make weekly summaries.

THREE: Each semester write goals you want to achieve and reward yourself if you do.

FOUR: When studying act like you are or you’re going to teach the lesson to someone. It will help you organize your thoughts and information.

FIVE: Sit in the front row in class. Sitting in the front row shows you care. Remember, first impressions are important. If your teacher sees that you are paying attention, taking notes, he/she will have this mentality that you’re a hard working kid. And maybe boost your grades.

SIX: This hack is a little weird but it’s effective: Spray a scent while you’re studying and spray it again right before a test. It will help with memory. Chewing gum will work the same way. 

SEVEN: Before starting a test write down formulas, definitions and everything you need to remember.

EIGHT: Do online quizzes. I always do online quizzes for revision or before studying. I consider it more or less, a game. How many questions can I get right without studying? That way, I have already collected a bunch of information about the topic. I find this hack fun and helpful.

NINE: Watch videos. Don’t rely only on your books or notes from class. Online videos are so entertaining and helpful.

TEN: Take good notes. Taking good notes will help you concentrate and understand     what the teacher is saying. Taking good notes has nothing to do with handwriting. I have awful handwriting but I try to make my notebooks look decent. I like to use colors, highlighters, sticky notes and stickers.

ELEVEN: Read your notes out loud. Don’t just read silently. Also you can sing your notes. I know you may sound crazy, especially if you have a bad voice (like me, haha), but trust me, it actually helps.

TWELVE: Be prepared. Don’t wait until the night before a test or exam to study. The night before should be for revision. You should revise topics one by one. Make sure you understand and remember everything about the topic you’re studying before you switch to another one. You should practice, and do old assignments to be 100% sure you know everything. 

THIRTEEN: You have to find motivation. Something to motivate you to do better. Whether it’s a competition or a destination – like getting in a certain university or a certain job. You can’t study and get good grades without motivation.

And remember that no matter what, you can always get the grades you want. If you think that you can’t be good in a certain subject because you don’t have the “talent” for it, that’s bullshit. Regardless of the subject you think you’re bad at, effort goes a long way in helping you be better. 

Don’t forget, grades don’t define you and never will, but if they matter to you, these are some pretty solid tips and hacks.

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