We Ask 9 Current Teen Couples and Exes Some Pretty Hardcore Questions and the Answers are Eye Opening

By: Maya and Hanya

We’re a hookup culture, we know that, we’ve talked about that, and we’ve accepted that. So, with that being said, we decided to interview exes and people who are currently in relationships (which is ironic coming from Maya lol). Before you see the questions though, we just want to say that our intentions were not at all malevolent, lahsan tekoono fakreen eno we want to break couples up wala haga. (Hanya lowkey wants to ruin relationships though, oops?)

Onto the questions:
1. How long have you known each other?
2. How long have you been dating?
3. Has your partner ever cheated?
4. Do you think you or your partner could ever cheat? Who is more liable?
5. Who is more suspicious you or your partner?
6. How evolving has your relationship been over the last couple of months?
7. How mature do you consider your partner? 
8. How long do you think your relationship will last?
9. How long do you want it to last?
10. Would you ever consider marrying your partner? If yes/no, please explain why.

Couple #1:

1. We’ve known each other since july of 2017, a little over two years- 2 years, 1 month, 1 week and 3 days (not that I’m counting) 🙂
2. 13 months.
3. No.

4. None of us tbh.
5. We both are in our own ways. No one has it more than the other.
6. It’s going pretty well. Learning and growing as the time passes.
7. Very mature.
8. Till we’re old and grey and wrinkly.
9. Till death do us apart.
10. Hell yeah!
– Male, 17.

4. I know for a fact that we both would never cheat, but theoretically speaking I’d be the one with the higher tendencies, but like no, neverrrrr!
5. We both have our moments but I think that would be me, not because I don’t trust him, it’s just that I don’t trust everyone else around him- he’s a catch tbh.
6. I wouldn’t really measure it based on the last couple of months, but overall it has been really evolving and has had a very positive impact on both of us in all aspects. 
7. He’s one of the most mature men I know, he’s very fair and smart when it’s called for, he never lies and he’s very considerate of people’s feelings and always makes sure everyone is included and feels loved. 
8. Forever. 
9. I want it to last even after we’ve both taken our last breath. 
10. Yes, because we love each other unconditionally, build each other up, cheer each other on and trust each other blindly. There’s really no question that we’re meant for each other.
– Female, 17.

Couple #2:

1. For like 2 and a half years. 
2. Over a month.
3. Nope.

4. Him.
5. Me.
6. It has been evolving drastically. 
7. Mature enough.
8. A few months.
9. A few years.
10. Yes, cause I feel comfortable with him and our personalities are close to each other.
-Female, 16.

4. I don’t think that either of us would do that.
5. Me.
6. At first we started off as friends and from like 2 months, we both had feelings for each other. Thankfully, both of us are very understanding, so we get along pretty easily.
7. The perfect amount: not too mature and not too crazy.
8. Personally, I think that in our age group relationships tend to last a short period of time. Being a realist I understand that, but I hope that this would be an exception.
9. I can’t give a specific time, but I’ll say as long as we both have feelings for each other.
10. I really can’t answer that question due to the fact that I don’t know what my future-self would think. Let’s just say we’re too young for that.

Couple #3:

2. years, 5 months. 
2. 2 years, 3 months. 
3. No. 

4. No, I don’t think so. 
5. Ehna el etnein a3taked. 
6. I just know that we’re learning to be more understanding. 
7. She’s mature bas mesh awi lol. 
8/9. Maarafsh akeed bas I don’t want it to end abadan. 
10. Yes, because I love her and I can’t imagine being with someone else.
-Male, 16.

4. Definitely no, him for sure. 
5. Probably both of us bas msh in an over way. 
6. We’ve had our ups and downs but at the end of the day 3arfeen en whatever problem we have han7lha w hanerga3 kwayeseen 3ady w stronger w more understanding even. 
7. On a scale of 1/10 definitely an 11 bas morhak shwya lol. 
8. As long as possible, hopefully. 
9. Msh 3ayza akon corny bas forever.. 🙂
10. Yes, why wouldn’t you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you love most.
-Female, 15. 

Couple #4:

1. I think like 4 months, since the end of april basically. 
2. Almost 3 months. 

3. He’s cheated in a previous relationship, yeah. 
4. I don’t think either of us would cheat but obviously that fear is always there because of me personally having trust issues and being cheated on before. 
5. I’m definitely more doubtful 
6. I think we’ve grown so much as partners, we communicate a lot more and support each other and definitely are more comfortable. 
7.  I think he’s quite mature when it comes to handling our relationship but he has childish tendencies, just like me. 
8. I don’t know how long it will last if we’re being completely honest but I’m hoping for the best!
9. I want it to last for as long as it can. 
10. I’ve never really thought about marriage at all and I don’t really think I can give an answer this early in a relationship without having actually lived together or anything like that.
-Female, 18.

3. No. 
4. She would never cheat, she’s an extremely loyal person. I on the other hand have cheated once in a previous relationship, but I really don’t want to do it again, especially in this relationship. 
5. She’s so loyal that I would never be suspicious of her, it’s just that sometimes I’m insecure enough to think that she would leave me for someone better, but not cheat on me,  and she’s really trusting so I don’t think she’s ever suspicious of me.
6. Our relationship has evolved in a kind of nice way cause we took our time with everything and we communicate easily together so it’s great. 
7. I think she’s more mature than I am. 
8. I think a year from now we could still be together, and I hope we can last for longer. It could depend on our life decisions.
9. I want it to last as long as it could but I can’t say how long that is of course. 
10. If we last long enough to a point where i want that, then yeah.
-Male, 17.

Couple #5:

1. A year. 
2. Since 13/7. 
3. No. 

4. No, neither of us. 
5. Also neither of us, but probably me. 
6. It grows a lot stronger, mature, and serious each day. 
7. She’s normally childish and I love that about her, but when I want her to be mature she is really good at it. So yea from a 1 to 10 scale she’s an 8. 
8. As long as we both are seeking the same goal.  
9. Till we grow old together and remember these days. 
10. Yes, she understands me better than anyone, she completes me, the way I feel weak beside her is making me feel safe. I know it sounds wrong but that’s how I feel, she’s great with kids really and she knows what responsibilities are and she’s good at it, overall I want to build my life with her. 
-Male, 20. 

4. No, we’re both liable but he’s more responsible than I am. 
5. We trust each other, however, he doesn’t trust people that much so he’s more “careful”.
6. It’s only been a month and we’re taking things slowly and at first we were hesitating because we were best friends so I was scared that it might affect our friendship and I was afraid of commitment, but he managed to make me feel safe and comfortable so we are evolving. 
7. Honestly, he’s the first guy I met that I consider mature, he’s a guy who knows his worth bs msh lazm y3ml manzar.
8. I wanna make it last. 
9. I want to have a life and a family with him.
10. Yes, bcs I have never met someone who can handle me as much as he does. He’s always supportive, I never met someone whom I thought was perfect for me like he is.
-Female, 15.

Couple #6:

1. Like 10 months aho. 
2. 6 weeks ago. 
3. Nope. 
4. Nope. 

5. If someone has to be suspicious then its probably her. 
6. Not really evolving but I don’t think it’s the best choice I’ve made tbh, kinda regrettable because I can’t find that type of commitment in me while she’s committed. 
7. Yeah. 
8. Probably a couple more weeks I’ve never reached the 12 week checkpoint in a relationship tbh so it’s probably me lol. 
9. Hopefully, I can find an easy way to tell her that I wanna end it, like right now!
10. No, I don’t think I’m mature enough to decide that really but yeah it’s kinda obvious without giving any further reasons that I’m not happy. 
-Male, 19. 

4. Momkin mane7keesh hagat bas if we did mesh benekdeb. 
5. Me I guess? Bas it’s not about suspecting it’s about jealousy and it doesn’t mean I don’t trust him. 
6. I’m not sure if it’s evolving into the right way. 
7. 8/10 
8. I’m a little bit insecure about this but maybe ‘till this November. 
9. As long as possible lol.
10- ma3takedsh en de haga a2dar a7adedaha now so neither yes nor no. 
-Female, 18.

Now exes, we’ve interviewed a few, however due to the strains and tension, we couldn’t always get both parties to agree to this so.. that’s that. 

Onto the questions:
1. How long have you known each other?
2. How long did you date?
3. Has your partner ever cheated?
4. Do you think you or your ex could ever cheat? Who was more liable?
5. Who was more suspicious you or your ex?
6. Did you stay friends after you broke up?
7. Why did you break up? How mature were you both? 
8. Who introduced the concept of breaking up?
9. Did you try to/actually get into a new relationship?
10. Did you ever think about getting back together with your ex? 
11. Would you ever consider marrying your ex? If yes/no, please explain why.

Exes #1:

1. Around 4 years
2. 2 years
3. Never. 
5. Neither of us were.
6. For the first 2 months keda, things were kinda awkward between us, but we both got over it and now we’re close friends.
7. We were growing apart.
8. It was a mutual agreement, we simply didn’t have the best communication and didn’t always have the time to talk through any problems we were having.

4. Laa tab3an he’s so loyal w trustworthy, he’s not the kind of person that would cheat.
9. Laa khales.
10. Yes ketir awi.
11. Yes.
-Female, 16.

4. No, she’s been cheated on before, she wouldn’t want anyone to feel the way she felt.
9. I tried to, bas I felt like every girl I met I was comparing to her.
10. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve given this serious thought.
11. Laa, because sometimes love just isn’t enough, our love for each certainly wasn’t enough to keep us together.
-Male. 16.

Exes #2:

1. Almost 13 years. 
2. On and off for 2 years. 
3. Yes, that’s why it ended. 
4. I never thought it would happen but it did.
5. He was lying all the time and I was blinded by love, so I believed everything he said. 
6. Noooo, you can never be friends with someone who broke your heart twice!
7. I guess I was more mature, bcs even when he cheated, he was always blaming me for it. 
8. I did bcs I couldn’t handle it. 
9. Well yes, it lasted 5 months but I had trust issues and they got the best of me. 
10. He kept crossing my mind almost every second and I was ignoring him even when he came to apologize cuz I knew that seeing him again would hurt me, I would have taken him back in a blink of an eye but now I can’t stand the thought of him. 
11. No cuz, once a cheater always a cheater, and he lied to me so much that he got lost between the truths and the lies, he was a toxic person whom I kept in my life for so long. 
-Female, 16. 

1. 11 years. 
2. A month and 2 weeks. 
3. No. 
4. I already did, me at the “cheating” situation. 
5. Her. 
6. No. 
7. Cause of me cheating. 
8. Me. 
9. Yes. 
10. Just friends. 
11. No, as a concept, no.
-Male, 16.

Ex #3:

1. About 5 or 6 years 
2. I can’t remember exactly but I think 3 months.
3. Not physically but yes he cheated, he liked someone else whilst we were still dating. 
4. I could have never cheated on him but he did.  
5. My ex. 
6. Yes, he’s my best friend now!
7. We broke up because he liked someone else while we were still together and he called her a lot and spoke to her a lot and then he broke up with me because he thought he had a chance with her, but he didn’t. He treated me very coldly and was not mature about it so I got very angry but sad at the same time. 
8. Him. 
9. I got into a few relationships after that. 
10. No, but he tried a couple of times. 
11. No, I don’t want to get married.
-Female, 16.

*the guy wasn’t willing to participate.*

So, since the interviews are over, we uh… actually, we really don’t know why we went through with this shit. It was funny – and kinda creepy too mesh hanekdeb. Oh and Maya wanted to prove Fadila’s thought, “guys will never wanna get married!” wrong. I’m completely with her though, lol. D’accord?

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