Dear Boyfriends and Guy Besties, This is How You Should Be Treating Your Girl(Friends) When They’re Menstruating

By: Zaynab

It’s nothing new to many of us that once a month, girls go through their own version of hell: whether it be back pains, stomach aches, cramps, headaches, mood swings-you get the picture. In my experience, when guys hear the word “period”, they typically cringe or run the other way-which isn’t very appreciated. Unfortunately, this is what society has done, made something so natural a taboo topic, enough so that it is considered “3eib” to discuss with any guy friends or even male relatives. Personally, I’ve only gotten close with a few of my male friends quite recently, and I’ve discovered that some guys can seriously be sweet when they want to be. So for those guys, the ones who want to help, the real “regala” and MVPs; a guide to treating girls when they’re menstruating.

1- No Mansplaining.

I beg of you, please please please don’t. If you value your life, don’t. Nothing pisses a girl off more than being “taught” about her own body by someone who really has no idea what’s going on. As Rachel Greene said: “No uterus, no opinion!”

2-DON’T SAY “someone’s on her period”

Nothing will stroke the flames of a woman’s fury more than that phrase. Even if I am on my period, I don’t need you pointing it out. You’re not Captain Obvious. No one will find it funny. In fact, you’ll be labeled as “abo dam te2eel” by almost any girl who hears that. Or, you know, given another label I’d rather not write on my first article.

3-Known favorites/Junk food/ Sweets are your friend.

Okay, chocolate will heal anything. Whether it be a broken heart, or an agonized girl, it can help. Whoever brings me chocolate when I’m menstruating is basically someone I’ll treasure forever. Or candy of any kind, quite frankly. Of course if your friend prefers healthy food to junk food, then by all means, help the girl out.

4- Nights in

I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes, it is nice to be on your period: it’s an excuse to be lazy. I am one of the laziest human beings alive, and I love a night in, whether it be while reading a book under a blanket, or having a movie night curled up on the sofa. When you’re not likely to get out of  the house anyways, why not have fun staying in? As much fun as possible when in pain anyways.

5- Be prepared for the emotional rollercoasters. 

So you’re hanging out, and you tell her a joke-let’s say it’s about a puppy. You both start laughing, then suddenly she stops. Why? She’s crying. Why? She feels bad about laughing about the poor puppy. Next? She’s angry at you for bringing up the puppy and making her laugh about the poor thing. That sort of thing happens: the sudden change in emotions. In my case, it’s typically to do with crying over fictional characters and/or wishing they were real, and then reprimanding myself afterwards for being so crybaby-ish. Hormones suck, okay? It’s all one can do to just wait till it’s over. Ask if she’s okay, maybe hand her some tissues. I feel bad enough when I cry about stupid things, or cry in general, so believe me when I tell you I don’t need you pointing out that it’s no big deal. Just let her calm down, maybe gently nudging her in that direction with an aforementioned technique, and move on.

If you notice that she wants to talk about something, just ask her. Don’t push her though. It could help if she wants to get something off her chest, but only if she wants to!

6-Honestly, just be there. 

Ask if she needs anything. Acknowledge that it’s hard. Don’t pretend like it’s no big deal. Don’t cringe away from it, or act terrified. I’ll admit to something that I feel pretty bad about: on more than one occasion, I’ve slightly resented boys for not going through that agony once a month, or the pain of childbirth and pregnancy-but hey, y’all don’t get the joy of it anyways, so no hard feelings-and sorry :). What I wanted you to glean from that is that some may turn agitated, vicious, and borderline homicidal sometimes, but we can’t help it. It helps having someone there, and know that they will appreciate you being there, and they’ll remember it, trust me.

One thought on “Dear Boyfriends and Guy Besties, This is How You Should Be Treating Your Girl(Friends) When They’re Menstruating

  1. Well you seem to have a taste of what you’re in this article….explain this my ex usually got embarrassed to tell me she’s on her period… I usually found it extremely clear to know she’s on it soo i asked her if she was on it or not and usually bunked classes to sneak some snacks to her class and
    many more signs of care and appreciation yet she managed to dump me two weeks before “my” graduation….she said I’m afraid i get broken when I don’t see you when you leave school


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