6 Things to Know/Do Before Your First Day of University

By: Fadila Khaled

If there’s one thing I hated on my first day of uni, it was how absolutely overwhelmed I felt. There were so many people, I was scared of saying “Miss” instead of “Professor” or “Doctor”, I only vaguely knew where everything was, meaning I was surely going to get lost. I huddled super close to my school friends, we were almost glued at the hip, I’d come out of class, glimpse even one person I knew and latch onto them. It’s quite nerve wracking, being in a new place, with so many people, getting acclimated to an entirely new chapter of your life. So, because I’ve been there, here’s how to calm your anxiety down and have a wonderful first day of uni.

1- Prepare Everything Beforehand

The night before, shave, get your hair done, nails, pack your bag, put your phone to charge, bring out the outfit you’ll be wearing (down to whether you’re going with studs or hoops in your lobes), and set your alarm. If you’re taking snacks with you, prepare them, be it a sandwich, a granola bar, chocolate, a mini salad, or a handful of fruit, etc. Also, double check your transportation- just in case, better safe than sorry.

2- Now, Primp and Sleep.

Shave, exfoliate, moisturize. Take a bubble bath. Pull up your favorite playlist or grab a book, set a “chill” mood and breathe. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you wanna do yet, most everyone doesn’t know what they wanna do at uni yet anyway. Just, dalla3o nafsoko and go to bed early, seriously, the later you sleep, the more time your anxiety has to fester and the crankier and more stressed you will be in the morning.

3- Screw First Impressions

My first ever day of uni, I went wearing sweats and a tanktop with my hair pulled up, with just a bit of mascara. Tomorrow, (my second first day of uni), I’m wearing a black maxi slit dress with white sneakers, winged liner + a wine red lip. If you’re feeling extra af, dress extra af, if you’re feeling like you wanna be comfortable, wear your sweats. Honestly? No one will probably pay you any mind, everyone will be too caught up seeing friends and getting their shit straightened out for class. Basically, just do you.

4- Have Breakfast, Skip the Coffee

I know, sounds weird, but having breakfast will give you the energy boost you need and skipping coffee is just better if you’re jittery. Pro Tip: NEVER have anything containing caffeine when you’re already anxious/stressed/jittery, it’ll just double that feeling. Essentially, just eat, seriously, food won’t kill you.

5- Gratitude in the Morning

When you finally wake up (having left enough time to get dressed, grab your shit, and go), take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel grateful. As Sherien Shatta always tells me: “law of attraction, Fadila”. Allowing yourself to feel gratitude, to count your blessings, to thank whatever deity you believe in for the gift of waking up for another day, another chance to give to the world, is just a way for you to give positivity to the universe and have it channeled back to you throughout the day.

6- What’s the worst that can happen?

What, you’ll get lost? you’ll ask someone for directions. you won’t make friends? you’ve got minimum 4 YEARS to make friends. you’ll attend the wrong class? so what, been there, done that. you’ll run into your ex? don’t be bitter, be better. you’ll stumble nervously in front of a cute guy/girl? nothing wrong with some attraction babe. however, if you do feel lonely or overwhelmed (and you’re AUCian), DM me, find me, text me, I’m at uni from 8:30 to 2:00, I’ve only got 2 classes, I’ll keep you company if you’re okay with a crazy like me. If you’re NOT an AUC student, find a quiet corner, take a deep breath, call a loved one (even your mama, i did that on my first day, no shame in that), try to find someone you know, it’ll all be alright, i promise.

Good Luck,


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