9 Types of Deroos Teachers We All Bump Into At Some Point

By: Salma Mourad

School is in less than a week. I hope you’ve prepared yourself like I told you to. Now that school is literally knocking on the door, and we’re growing up and subjects are getting harder, there’s no way you’re not taking any deroos this year. As most of us are starting Abitur, Bac, IB or IG, the load has become unbearable, and it’s really hard to carry it all on our own. As I said, it’s inevitable to take a dars. Let’s check out the type of deroos and deroos teachers we have to deal with every year.

1) Mozzabet el khoroogat
Approximately the whole school goes to this teacher. This isn’t even a dars anymore, you go just to have fun. On the way out you meet friends from different dof3as, it’s like bumping into them in a mall or something. Even if you take the teacher seriously and you try to focus, there’s no debate it’s all about having fun and being with your buddies. What’s wrong with having fun while studying?? (Deo kids relate)

2) The hottie
This one’s rare, but they do exist. It’s the teacher who makes focusing on math equations very hard. It’s the teacher you and your friend go to just to look at. It really isn’t about studying anymore.

3) The funny one
Either they have an amazing sense of humor or the way they talk and explain things is just very funny, in this dars you never stop laughing. They say genuinely funny things that make you lose focus of the discussed topic, and they often tend to crack jokes just to lighten up the mood to make you work in a fun and laid back environment.

4) El dammo te2eel
The exact opposite of the previous teacher. In this lesson, you see yourself fake laughing most of the time, to the point where your jaw starts hurting. They’re not funny at all. They try to make jokes but fail miserably, and it’s a bit cringy most of the time.

5) The habbeed
If you ask about something they don’t know they start “yehbedo” anything, which really isn’t the best thing to do. If you don’t know it, just tell me, we’ll research it together. Mesh mahtageen nefty, it’s okay if you don’t know the answer. Doesn’t make you any less of a teacher to me.

6) Know-It-All
They know everything about your school, your teachers, your class and weirdly, your personal life as well. If you’re in a group of people, they know about relationships, strong friendships and who isn’t really fond of another person inside the group. It’s a bit creepy if you ask me.

7) The serious one
No laughing. No fake laughs. Just work, concentration and focus. The lesson isn’t fun, but it isn’t “not fun” either. It’s a normal lesson where you work, and get stuff explained to you. Normally, this teacher doesn’t give lessons to groups. 2-3 people is enough, or even just a single student.

8) The parent
“Khosho namo badri ashan te3rafo terakezo bokra”
“Kolo kwayes we eshrabo maya ketir”
This one doesent just care about your grades, but your health as well. They care alot and they show it, and that’s why these types of teachers are my favourite. If they like you you’re suddenly the child they never had.

9) The pamperer
They get you food, always open the AC cause they know you love it, offer you drinks all the time and always have a stash of chocolates and sweets for you and your friends. They make you feel at home while also studying and working hard.

That’s about it
Good luck fel doroos ya shabab
Have fun 🙂
Salma Mourad

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