5 of My Favorite Coffee Spots to Study/Work At

By: Jana ElHini

Picture this, it’s a sunny day and you’re especially energetic, you’ve got no errands and basically nothing to do. Staying at home will probably be a waste of the energy you mysteriously woke up with and the only thing you can afford to do is get a drink somewhere. Well, I believe we’ve all been there. This is basically your guide through the best coffee spots in Cairo – that I know of – if you’re broke, looking to study/work somewhere with good WiFi, and have relatively nice coffee.

Espresso Lab

At some point, we’ve all been there. Espresso lab is one of the best study spots, mainly because almost everyone there is either on their laptops or studying but also because of the vibe the place has. Their coffee blends are heavenly and their desserts are mouth-watering, however if you’re not much of a coffee person, you can always try out their amazing lemon mint smoothie or their super chocolate-y hot chocolate! My personal favourite branch happens to be the Point 90 branch… because it’s the only branch I go to.

Attibassi Coffee

Attibassi, my personal favourite, is reserved for hard-core coffee lovers. No need to ask for an extra shot of coffee in your Frappuccino because this Frappuccino is loaded with enough caffeine to keep you going through the day! The moment you enter the place, you’re hit with the aroma of strong coffee and delicious desserts (my personal favourite being their chocolate brownie), they even offer healthier dessert options such as red apples and bananas! Their playlist game is strong and that’s exactly what completes the overall mood of the place. Attibassi can be found in Cairo Festival City Mall, City Stars, and Mall of Egypt. 


Qahwa is basically the best place to go to when you have (relatively) healthy food and coffee in mind. Their menu ranges from oatmeal to smoked salmon sandwiches, but also a baked casserole mac and cheese for when you’re not feeling that healthy! But to not get distracted from our original point, their coffee is just spot on. Which basically makes it the best place you can go to when you want to mix food, coffee and work, with the occasional friends. Qahwa is located in Waterway, Arkan, and Tivoli Plaza.

Second Cup

Let’s make it clear that the best thing about Second Cup is that there’s more than just coffee. The possibilities are endless when you’re at second cup, you can satisfy the coffee lover in you with their freshly brewed coffee or you can opt for something less caffeinated like their tea chillers. One thing that makes Second Cup unique is their creative drink options for those of us who are not that big on coffee. Second cup has a Korba branch, as if it couldn’t get any cooler, and two other branches in Cairo Festival City Mall and Mall of Arabia.


Back to the basics for this one, after an article full of coffee spots you might’ve or might’ve not tried, I bring you the one place we all know and love. Whether it’s their seasonal drinks, their heavenly cookies, or their friendly baristas always misspelling our names, Starbucks will always be home. So if you’re home and in desperate need of coffee, just hurry down to the nearest drive thru and get yourself cool drink for the summer. The best thing about Starbucks is that it’s basically everywhere.

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