Body Hair Should Not Be Taboo, Especially When All You Know About It Is False

By: Hadeel Hatem

Body hair is an important subject that should be freely talked about, but even though we might not admit it- body hair is considered a somewhat taboo topic. And since it’s summertime which means constant going to the beach/pool it is usually the main time of the year where women get their hair removal gear out and get ready to spend a lot of time removing every single unneeded hair off their bodies, but is all that stuff necessary? Real talk – body hair: remove it or leave it?

Body hair is considered somewhat of a taboo due to us viewing it as unhygienic and disgusting, especially in “uncommon” areas of the body. The reason I added quotation marks to the word uncommon because in fact these places are not uncommon at all. But as women we are taught that even arm hair is uncommon for us to possess. Yes, us women do have leg, arm, armpit, facial, stomach, back, butt, pubic, and chest hair. We have hair everywhere not only on our heads, eyebrows and lashes. Some even have knuckle and toe hair, but it depends on your genetics. Obviously the quantity and how light and thin the hair can be differs. Some have really thin and light hair to the point where it may appear as if they don’t have hair in that area and some don’t have hair in ALL of the places that I mentioned. It’s normal- just like how not all men have hair everywhere. They’re more likely to, but some just don’t.

The thing that frustrates me though is that there are men out there who are surprised and unaware that women have the ability to possess hair in multiple different areas or on all areas of their bodies. The reason is because as teens and even pre teens we are taught that body hair on women is gross and that guys will find us unfeminine and ugly if we have a lot of body hair or just body hair in general. But the sad thing is that not only are we taught to think in that way by the media but also by our own families and friends. Which eventually leads to two outcomes- one is short term and one is long term. Short term- It leads to the tortuous cycling of removing body hair everytime it grows enough to be noticeable. Long term- self hate and disgust. I think that removing body hair frequently is pretty much a waste of time, which is why I don’t do it too often. I feel comfortable and confident with and without it. You should too. So take your time striping away all the layers of self hate and turn a deaf ear towards all the ignorant comments towards your body hair. Cause that’s what it is. It’s YOUR body hair- it’s under YOUR control, no one else’s.

Something that everyone has turned a blind eye towards is that in shaving ads the women are shaving nothing? Absolutely nothing. While in shaving ads for men the men have beards and I understand that leg or armpit hair is different from facial hair, but the point still stands. Body hair is practically viewed as non-existent on women. And it’s not only shaving ads, it’s also deodorant and soap ads plus many more. There’s only one ad that I have watched that features women with hair on multiple different parts of their bodies. The ad is so true and just simply amazing that if I were to ever start shaving instead of waxing I would totally use their products (the brand is called billie- here’s the link to the ad )

Body hair is a completely normal thing, but the amount of body hair differs from one person to another. That amount of hair is then put on a scale and then according to how much or little you have also plus your gender will result in two outcomes. You either get treated like a person or you get demeaned. A little body hair means you’re dainty and a lot means you’re manly and tough, but too much hair is viewed as disgusting and this goes for men and women alike. This way of thinking is beyond toxic- it leads to self loathing. And to be completely honest I did hate my body for a really long time due to having a lot of body hair then I realized that I simply can’t do anything about it. If a special event comes I’ll remove my body hair but otherwise I won’t. You might ask why? Well simply because why should I bother satisfying others when I’m satisfied just the way I am?

We all reach a certain age where we suddenly awaken and are more aware of our decisions and actions, but we also become aware of how the world views us. Nowadays body hair in “uncommon” places is regarded as disgusting while being hairless is widely regarded as beautiful and is viewed as being clean when in reality it doesn’t matter. Women who are hairy are as hygienic and clean kempt as women who remove hair, it really doesn’t depend on the hair- it depends on the person.

Also even if it’s not as big of an issue but men do get some backlash for not being hairy enough or being way too hairy. They either get called gay or ugly among other things depending on the amount of body hair that they possess.

Hair is not a big deal. Having too much or too little is okay. Not removing hair is okay and so is removing it- what matters is that you are removing hair for the purpose of enhancing or adding to your confidence. Removing body hair shouldn’t be the foundation on which your self confidence is built upon. It should be another floor added to your huge building full of reasons to be self confident and to love and believe in yourself. You are wonderful, no matter what is added or taken away from your body.

Answer to our question is it depends. Depends if you have reached that point of self confidence. Removing hair should be an extra it shouldn’t be the main thing. But that still doesn’t mean that whoever removes their body hair is drowning in a pool full of self hatred and that we should help them see the light- no, it can mean many other things. The people they’re hanging out with won’t be comfortable, they feel more confident when they have smooth silky skin, they have gotten used to it and need some time to ease out of habit, or they already have enough confidence to remove their body hair and know that the hair they just removed doesn’t define them but if anything it accentuates- kinda like how makeup doesn’t define your beauty it accentuates it.

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