I Had a Summer Fling and Even Though It Was Super Cliché, I Still Got Hurt

By: Anonymous

The beginning

Summer is finally here after a very long and awaited school semester. The time to let loose and have fun. But summer also makes you realize things, like the fact that you’re lonely and that all of your friends are dating, but you. Everyone has someone, but you. You’re lacking attention, love, care and pretty much any sort of affection and passion. And oh yeah  the “you” that I’m referring to is actually me. This summer was like any summer until I got a text message on my phone, from you. I didn’t think much of it at first, I mean we are friends aren’t we? Its normal to get texts from friends, but you never really texted me. At first I was more concerned than anything, but you were just up to chat, and so was I. it was end of June and beginning of July, the loneliness had just kicked in. we were both alone, and starving for some attention and maybe a little trouble. I texted you back, you texted me, and we continued to text back and forth. We talked about literally anything and everything, until you started to get flirty. I was taken aback, confused. Do you love me? Do you have a crush on me? What’s your deal here? Do you want to get laid? I don’t understand really. What could you possibly want from me. I was bored, so I was casually flirting back. It was nothing really serious, or so I thought. We started to text every single day, we were basically acting almost as if we were dating, but without having “the talk”. Me being the dumb little innocent sheep that I am, I didnt stop it, but in my defense, I was bored. 

The midst

Every night, he’d text me goodnight. Everyday, I got a good morning text. I won’t lie to you, I liked it. It was fun. It was like being in a relationship but without the responsibilities, fights or any of the actual important meaningful components that make a relationship. It was a relationship with just the fun parts. Minus of course the sex, even though most summer flings are sexual, this was more spirtual rather than physical. I aint about to get thrown to gahanam for a summer fling. Anyways, we had fun. I was genuinely happy. Everything was good, too good even, maybe. We never fought, we always had fun, we hung out, he did make a few passes at me, all of which I rejected respectfully, and he was pretty cool about it. People get so caught up on the fact that summer flings are all about sex, sex and more sex, but thats not all what summer flings are. Sometimes they can be more – or less – meaningful that just plain ol’ sex. We connected on every possible level. Spiritually, mentally, not physically – but almost. I thought that I was going to fall for him, that he fell for me too. That we’d be “forever” and have 3 kids and live in the suburbs, the whole nine yards pretty much. But, I came to the conclusion that I was wrong.

The end

With absolutely no warnings, no red flags, no signs, he went completely radio silent. We were in the middle of a conversation, he was telling me how sexy I was, we were having a laugh about the whole thing, I asked what he was doing, and never heard from him ever again. And that was it. The end of summer was nearing, but I didn’t expect that the end of whatever it was that was between us was ending as well. Honestly, I was heartbroken. I felt like an idiot, I opened up to him, I was raw and vulnerable. Everything was perfect, I guess I should’ve expected it with the sense that everything was “perfect”. And I definitely never expected it to end like that, by ghosting me? How childish and pathetic is that? Kind of anticlimactic if you ask me. But, that’s how life is. It’s not like the movies, even summer flings can end so abruptly. There doesn’t need to be a huge dramatic scene about it. But if you somehow read this, and figure out that its me, I have a message for you: FUCK YOU. 

The aftermath

September rolled around. The damage had been done. He hasn’t responded, I had stopped trying and moved on with my life. The attention was nice while it lasted, not gonna lie. But it’s over now, and I’m not that desperate for love and affection to go to you. I saw you walking in the halls on our first day back, and you pretended as if we were never even friends, like you didn’t even know me. That didn’t hurt, because what would you expect from an asshole? But, I was truly disappointed. We never spoke again. Not only did I lose a summer fling, I also lost a friend and that hurt more. Eh well, we were never really that good of friends.

One thought on “I Had a Summer Fling and Even Though It Was Super Cliché, I Still Got Hurt

  1. You have no idea how much this article helped me figure out that someone I was talking to was trying to lead me on the whole time. Thank you for writing this.


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