Why Reham Saeed Needs to Take Her Fatphobia + Fat Shaming and Just Get Out

By: Fadila

Have y’all seen Reham Saeed’s latest mess? Yeah? It’s all over social media. The problem however, doesn’t lie with Reham Saeed, the problem lies within this society as a whole. A society that has accepted being represented by people like her and gave them titles and shows and privilege and so much power. A society that has reenforced toxic masculinity, toxic femininity, internalized sexism, fat shaming, slut shaming, romanticization of poverty, ignorance of mental health, oppression, among a maddening slew of even more social illnesses. That’s it, our society is diseased, we are ill with various infections, mostly hatred, anger, jealousy, gluttony, and more. Not to mention the repression, cause you know, that totally makes matters better. We gave power to people like this woman, to tear at us, to tear at others, to destroy fragile hopes, to f*ck over mental states, to have a voice, when people who spout hate should always be silenced. Hate speech is a crime, it is the biggest crime, it is a community’s worst nightmare, and we’ve got a crazy popular “media personality” who speaks in NOTHING but hate speech. Here’s why Reham Saeed should take her fat shaming and internalized (and externalized) fatphobia and get out.

In case you still don’t know what’s happening, here it is:

1- Quit Fat Shaming Disguised as “Health Concerns”

First off, what do you think over half the population (who happen to be obese) think and feel when they’re assaulted left, right, and center about how they are a public health concern? When blogs, TV personalities, celebrities, dietitians, plastic surgeons, and more tell them they are unattractive, problematic, and are better off either skinny or dead? That’s exactly what is shoved down our throats through media, let that sink in for a minute. 

Zeina Amr (teen feminist activist,writer,  foodie, and doctor-to-be): why don’t we scream our health concerns for smokers all over the media? Why don’t we criticize skinny people whose habits are so unhealthy, they’re anemic? Why don’t we tell the alcoholics to quit drinking because it will ruin their organs? We shame fat people because they are visible, and because we can capitalize on them, not because these people actually give a shit. 

2- Privilege and Poverty

Is obesity an epidemic? Yes. Want to know the actual problem? Poverty. As a population, we don’t need you offering plastic surgeries or weight loss surgeries to the people, who are you helping anyway? Why the hell don’t you shine light on how problematic the poverty levels in Egypt are? Poverty means people eat the only things they can afford, usually bread, fried aubergine/potatoes, pasta, and legumes. All calorie dense carbohydrates. All affordable. Where are their options? They cannot afford meat or chicken or fish, they cannot afford eggs, hell, they cannot even afford some vegetables, let alone fruits. The average income of a worker is around 2,000 LE per month, he isn’t living alone y’all, he’s got a wife and probably 2-5 kids to feed too. So, I’m sorry, but your privilege has you blinded; it’s ignorant, it’s destructive, and – frankly – quite disgusting.

3- Mental Health 

Hello, can we talk about anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, etc? Nevermind. Can we talk about body dysmorphia? I mean, if knowing you’re probably fueling a bunch of affection-starved, teenage girls into doing surgery so they can be “acceptable”, you probably know you’re feeding into their mental illness(es), right? I’m sure that helps you sleep at night. If you’ve dealt with obesity, like you say you have, you know that what you’re doing in no way helps any person, it makes them feel shit about themselves, but at this point, you’ve made most everyone you shamelessly humiliated on TV throughout your career feel like shit about themselves. After all, you’ve got a new case on your hands every other week, right? Sometimes, I wonder if you’re projecting your issues onto people, or whether you’re just a bully. Face it, you’ve destroyed lives. Give us a break and stand down, enough is enough, yeah? 

4- “You’ve lost your femininity”

As a fat woman, I am feminine as hell. I’m all round hips and soft curves, I’m gorgeous, what are you even talking about? Femininity is a social construct, thus, femininity is whatever the hell we choose it to be. I don’t have to be waif-like to be feminine or beautiful or attractive. I think that’s a sick mindset, it’s also ridiculously backwards, what is this? The 1700s??? My femininity is no one’s business but my own, thank you very much. Can we move on, now?

5- “You’ve lost your laugh”

La hadretek makhsertesh dehkety, actually, I’ve sort of gained it. Feeling good about myself has nothing to do with how much I weigh, what clothes I wear, how big my thighs or, how many fat rolls I can count when I sit down, or any other notion of whatever the hell you think can take away my self-confidence and self love. A person can find joy no matter their size or shape, no matter their ethnicity or gender, no matter their class or job. You’re miserable? That’s on you boo, don’t take it out on people and call yourself a martyr.

I think Reham Saeed will get along tremendously with Trump, cause, you know, birds of a feather and all. Anyway, God bless Egypt and its media representatives. If you know, you know. On a more serious note, if you’re fat, quit the FAD diets, the intensive workouts, or even lazing around. Get up, find a purpose, no, not to lose weight, find reasons to love yourself, explore your identity, grow it, evolve into the person you’ve always dreamed of being, cause you know what? Your weight doesn’t mean shit. You’re stunning.


A gorgeous and super powerful fat girl

See? I’m fat and constantly overwhelmed with joy. There is no shame in me.

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