Why I’m Not Hiding My Pads (+ Obviously My Period) At School This Year

By: Jumana

Hello there, I’m here to write about the most taboo subject of our very exciting teenage years. I’m here to talk about periods. Shhhh 

Actually, I’m here to tell my tale about why I stopped shushing when talking about my period and why you should too.  Throughout my middle school and high school years, I heard people all around me saying things like; 

You shouldn’t talk about your period, it’s private!

Eww that’s disgusting, don’t talk about your period in public!

Boys don’t want to listen to that, be quiet! 

Ugh that’s so embarrassing, couldn’t you have given me the pad somewhere else, everyone knows I’m on my period now! 

I don’t want to go to the nurse, I’d have to tell the teacher why I want to go and I’m so embarrassed! 

It’s been ingrained in our minds that having a period is disgusting, embarrassing, shameful and something private, but I’m sorry, I won’t stand for it any longer. 

For lack of better words, I simply stopped giving a fuck. If I want to complain about having cramps, headaches and aches then seriously, ma7adesh li 3andi 7aga. If I want to go to the nurse, I’m not going to just sit there because my male teacher will be embarrassed or because I will be embarrassed. If my friend needs a pad, I’m not going to scurry around, hiding it, sliding on floors and crawling across the class to give it to her. 

And if people want to gossip? Let them gossip, all they’re going to say will simmer down to “oh she isn’t pregnant” and I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound too bad to me. 

Plus, let me ask this, is our world and community so misogynistic that it’s okay to sexualise women but it’s not okay to say the word ‘pad’ or ‘period’. Is our world so misogynistic that we have to keep our pads at the bottom of the bag, hidden away, in case a guy sees it and ba3d el shar, yedaye2, completely overlooking the fact that they were looking in our bags in the first place. Is our world so misogynistic that I have to lie to my guy friends about why I didn’t go to school that day, or why I’m missing an outing? I don’t think so. 

You know what? It is a misogynistic community and all my previous statements are correct and I used to do and say those things all the time, but it has to stop. Here I am, 3aysha el wahm or whatever you want to say about me, stating that this has to and will change. We girls will not shy away from ourselves, our bodies, or a simple blood leakage. We will stand up and be prideful and confident in ourselves

Yes, I’m on my period, no I’m not going to hide because you’re uncomfortable. 

Yes, I have pads in my bag, no I will not hide them in back pockets or secret compartments. 

I’m empowering myself and rising above the social stigma and you should too. 

After all, we’re girls and without our periods, none of us would be here at all.

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