4 Things People Will Tell You About Sex That Are Completely False

By: Zeinah Hesham

Yes, these are all things that are shoved down our throats. Nope, they’re not necessarily true, actually, some of them are dangerous.

1- ‘women rarely orgasm because of men’

There are constant statistics on how vaginal penetration never truly leads to the woman orgasming and it’s not because the man is clueless. It’s because the focus isn’t 100% on the woman’s orgasm and clit , half of it will be but the other half will be on the man’s penis which is why lesbian sex has been proven to be more succesfful for both women – there is 100% more focus on the woman’s clit and making sure she orgasms. This is all means, that yes you may make a woman orgasm through penetration however oral sex will defnitely be more effective and so many more techniques can be included to lead her to that.

2 – ‘men orgasm much easier than women’

That is an absolutely true fact. Men’s orgasms are actually so much easier to accomplish (and faster) through a lot of forms of pleasure whether it’s a form of sex or masturbation. The truth is that women’s bodies are more connected to their minds than men are. Whilst men have it easier when it comes to orgasming, women will experience it more when it does happen because of how that sexual experience will be connected to her mind. It has been proven that the “looser” a woman feels has nothing to do with her sexual experience , as a matter of fact it actually has to do with her emotional connection to her partner, the stronger your bond is the wetter she will be which will cause her labia to loosen and make it less painful for her, therefore can be more pleasurable and lead to an orgasm (possibly multiple!)

3 – ‘porn isn’t the only way’

Pornography has become such a huge epitome in our lives when it comes to getting turned on and masturbating that we now are shamed when we do not watch porn or are confused as to how someone can masturbate without it. We have actually forgotten there are many different ways, there are people who use their imagination whether it’s pure fiction or not, there are always people who read erotica, some people can simply get turned on by certain actions or words, maybe even wearing a specific type of clothing or remembering something.

4 – ‘consent can’t be sexy or feel natural’

That is something very dangerous and in many ways untrue. You can be taking your partner’s clothes off and ask them ‘can I’ or ‘do you want to’. You can be having someone pushed up against the wall and you’re kissing their neck and you heavily whisper if they like what you’re doing. You can simply ask someone to touch you. You can nervously talk about how you nervously want to kiss them but you don’t know if they want you to. Consent is essential and it can be sexy because you can be incredibly turned on by just knowing how much someone wants you and it will in every way make you both happier and more secure in your sexual relationship.

5 – ‘communication is key’

Women often fear to truly tell men how to actually make them orgasm because due to a lot of interactions with them, men are often very sensitive when it comes to things like that but we must push aside our pride for important things sometimes. You have to communicate with someone in order for them to know what will actually satisfy you and what moves they do that you like and what you don’t like which will make them understand what to do more often and anything new they can try. This will make the experience better for the man and the woman because both will be happier and might be closer to having both parties orgasm.

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