6 Types of Couples We’ve Seen This Summer That Are Just “Ugh”

By: Zeina Elmofty

Sometimes you don’t know that you hate a certain thing until someone points it out for you. So yeah I must confess, @Ali helped me big time, so thanks man. 

With summer comes the sea, sand, salt, instagram-able pictures, breezy music, new friends and a dozen other things we desire all winter. But with summer also comes some pretty undesirable things too that feature all levels of ‘ugh’. Elaborate example: types of couples. Dun Dun Duh…

1- The “Jelena All Over Again” Couple

Let’s go back to 2010-2017 the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dilemma. This couple is obsessed with fighting apparently. The infamous on-again , off-again couple that you stop believing somewhere around breakup number three. Okay yeah, we get that fate wants you together or whatever but can you chill? Law msh ad el break up don’t break up. W law msh ad el relationship don’t be in one in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I get that this couple might be in love and all but tell me you’re back together one more time and I swear I’d go full-on psycho mode on you. 

2- The Social Club Couple
This is by far the most annoying type of couple to me. Bare with me. Two people with a spark. Spark mistaken for love. Love turns into a relationship. They’re excitement blinds them from the truth. They become very official, too official. All, literally all their friends are now mutual, everyone knows they’re together. They go out on double dates and they do everything you could possibly think of . Sounds nice huh? Well, it does except for the fact that they don’t really love each other. They just don’t and it’s obvious, they just convince themselves that they do. The thing holding them back is the collapse their break up would cause to their social club, their group of friends and the tear down of this extreme image they’ve tried so hard to maintain as a couple. Ugh.

3-The Notifications Couple.1

Twitter is nice and all but apart from the fact that it gets too damn dark at times, it’s also the ultimate platform for public meaningless flirting. These are not really a couple but are a walking blob of cringe. Nothing wrong with being attracted to each other . Flirt all you want fam but I’m tired of y’all flooding my feed with catcalls of eachother. Seriously , get room already. 

4- The Notifications Couple.2 
Again, Twitter. This couple in this case are actually a couple this time. Only problem with then is that they’re both coward asses. I mean if you have a problem with each other can you stop constantly throwing shade on each other in Twitter and like actually talk? My feed is tired.

5- The acting like they’re soulmates Couple

This time s/he’s the one. (Special thanks to ali for this one especially)
I believe in soulmates, don’t get me wrong but just, can you stop being a hopeless romantic for a sec? What you have might be real and you actually are soulmates but truth is, you’re past featured alot of khawazee2 so like just take a chill pill and be patient before fantasizing. 

6- Summer Flings
I wrote a whole article about how toxic they can be and honestly I’m too annoyed by the topic to write anymore.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Please tone it down y’all because we’re humans and we get annoyed at times I’m sorry. ThanQ, you’re welcome, babai. 

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