School Is In 2 Weeks – We Need to Get Mentally and Emotionally Prepared

By: Salma Mourad

Face the facts. School is in around 10 days. That means, in less than 2 weeks, you’ll be carrying a heavy bag, doing homework, and taking pop quizzes you’d never know when to expect. Let’s not mentions going through doroos and exams while dealing with regular high school drama (and parental issues). You’ll be doing all of that for almost an entire year – again. But on a positive note, at least you get to see your friends every single day.

At the moment, you’re probably reading this on the beach in Sahel, but it’s time to actually start thinking about what you have to do to prepare yourself for school in a little bit. Not saying collect your books and start studying now, but preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for this next phase. We know you’re not up for school at all, I’m not as well, but let’s see how to make it easier for ourselves, and know what to expect before going back to school.

First of all, you need to be mentally ready for school drama. School drama is the worst, yet really funny if you’re not actually involved in it. You need to prepare yourself for the drama that will definitely strike everywhere, and beware of getting involved. It’s only fun when you’re just a spectator.

Second of all, get ready for new subjects. We all know how awfully hard it can sometimes be to learn something new, especially when your teacher isn’t really the nicest. On that note, be fully aware that your teachers could turn out to be much worse this year, you could get new teachers and your luck may not always be the greatest. That means, new teachers are something to expect, not necessarily fear, but not be really happy about as well. And teachers may not be the only new thing expecting you this year …. New students.

New studends actually excite me very much. It’s fun to meet new people and have more friends, and this is just a reminder for you to be nice and welcoming to the new faces you might see this year. Then, after that, you might need to prepare yourself for the people who became cuter and much better looking. The guy who spent all his time at the gym and became stronger, more muscular, or the girl that started wearing lenses, removed her braces and has lost a lot of weight. Be ready for the shock of your life. You might really see people you never expected this way.

Then, of course, you have your parents. Eg-hazo, 3ashan homa mesh hayerhamuko. You will dread the day you went to kindergarden. Deroos, centres, everything. And of course, the talk concerning how your grades are expected to turn out to be. Pay attention in class, study hard, and do not talk during your lessons. “Teachers hate that”. 

School really is knocking on the door, and summer is almost over. Summer being over saddens us very much, but at least in school you get to see your friends every single day, and every year you’re one step closer to graduating. Finally. 

Anyways, enjoy your summer and make the best out of the rest of it, don’t stress at all about school, just prepare yourself and be optimistic. 

Salma Mourad

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