The Ultimate Summer/Fall ’19 Local Brand Wishlist – From Skin Care to Clothes and Everything in Between

By: Hanya

I am big on skincare, hair-care, and sometimes clothes. However, I am also big on ethical and cruelty-free shopping: I have cut off fast fashion. So the big question is always; “Well, Hanya where the fuck do you shop?” since I can’t afford high-end. This is all about that, and my girly summer-fall wish list.

Let’s start with Hair and Skin Care:

  1. Joviality Egypt @joviality.egypt

My all-time favourite! I’m dying for everything they offer, but the most important to me (and the most effective) are their:

I just absolutely love their vibe and work on being natural, with everything they do. Not to mention that their products make you feel lavish and pampered! Their products are just to die for.

2. Urban Ducks Cosmetics  @urbanduckscosmetics

Another local skin-care brand, also a favourite. Their products are on the top of my list too, especially because most are a makeup-skincare hybrid.

Urban Ducks offer amazing products with brilliant results, the trick is to find what works best for you. Thankfully, they offer plenty of mixes of each product so you have a good chance to find something that truly works for you. Trust me, I know.

3. Black Lotus @blacklotusegypt

Yet another great skin-care brand I love! They offer great oil-concoctions and you can also use some of their oils in your diffuser. They also reply instantly when you ask them about something, they explain everything very nicely. You can also find them in Diwan Bookstores!

I must have their:

They also offer a wide variety of natural deodorants, all-natural herbal soaps, and oil mixtures for better skin and even better sleep! Lord knows I need that. I’m definitely a Black Lotus fan.

4. Bræs Haircare

All the sexy French feels here! Bræs offer picturesque hair treatments that are free of parabens, SLS and fragrance. Name a better brand- I will wait. Can I be a #braesbae now please?

We’re finally done with skincare, do you hate me yet? Lol. Anyways, jumping to accessories because we all know they make ANY outfit shine- duh!

5. Doodle Factory @thedoodlefactory

Can we just take a minute to appreciate all they do? Okay, thank you! I’m honestly loving them, they bring me out of my comfort zone. Not to mention that every single Doodle Factory purchase is a purposeful one, you wear beautiful bags, carry gorgeous stationery, and even a bit of pretty patterned furniture – all the while helping children in need.

6. Jude Ben Halim @jude.benhalim

Jude Ben Halim is always on the top of her game, you can never go wrong with any piece of her jewelry. Not only are they meaningful, they’re also gorgeous and they make any outfit pop. Whether you’re looking for a casual look or a formal authentic look, you’ve got it. Always.

7. Kojak @kojakstudios

Breaking the rules since forever really; Kojak is ahead of his time and has been since he started when it comes to fashion. If it is a ready to wear collection – it’s stunning, if it is a haute couture collection – it makes me breathless. Have you seen his new collection? It’s incredible.

8. Nesaa @nesaaonline

Your everyday modest-girl clothes heaven! Modern, chic, and modest – it’s a vibe! They are also light for summer since it’s too hot and super comfortable. These are the best in my opinion:

11. Duo’s Vintage Closet @duosvintageclose

Duo’s Vintage Closet is nothing like the clothes you buy from fast-fashion brands. They are ethical, local and completely distinctive. You can expect to look both badass and unique with them! Also, the brand’s founder is a pretty 19 year old named Ahd Islam, so yes, this is 100% a teen brand.

12. Urban Earthlings @urbandearthlingsegypt

My all-time favourite! Urban Earthlings is a major game-changer and it’s epic! They are offering everything you use daily, but reusable so you can the economy and the Earth. I need their: 

We have finally come to an end of this long-ass article! I just want to clarify that neither Teenntimes nor I am sponsored or paid to say anything, and even if we were we would be completely honest as we always are. (But, like please sponsor me 🙂 )

Editor’s Note: Please sponsor all of us, thanks.

I leave you with love x

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