IGCSE Students: This is Why You Should NOT Feel Depressed About Your Grades

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

7:01 am, 13/8. The most dreadful moment in the life of an IGCSE student. According to people, that’s the moment our lives are defined. This is it, the end. Everything depends on these results, our children’s future, their children’s future, they all depend on these grades, am I right? No, I’m not right. I’m very wrong because these marks, they’re not the end habayby, this is just the beginning. Now get rid of that scowl; sad people are not allowed in my articles, nu-uh.

Mabda2eyan keda, these grades are legit a mirror to the effort everyone put into their own work. We can’t deny that. So, assuming that you did your best in each subject and gave it your all, and your grades still turned out bad, then there is absolutely nothing you could have done about it. This is meant to be and that is something out of your hands. 

To those of you who didn’t put much effort into studying. It’s okay. This is 2019 and we are all distracted by many things in our life. El 7aya msh mozakra w bas. You have the right to do other things in your life. These are your teenage years, the best years of your life. Go live them and make memories so that when you’re older, you have nothing to regret. Ba3dein worst case scenario, you’ll sit for a re-exam, improve your grade wel denya hateb2a zay el fol. Just learn from your mistakes and put more effort into studying this time. 


Life doesn’t end 3and el daragat. God, I hope I could kill whoever taught us that bad grades mean no future. Countless people get bad grades, scratch that, they fail their subjects and end up being huge businessmen/women, big engineers, artists, designers, writers. for God’s sake, how many people do you know studied a major and ended up working an entirely different job. Tell you what? I’ll give you the most cliché and used example in the world. Thomas Edison. Failed a million times (I’m exaggerating because I don’t have time to search how many times they actually were lol) before inventing the light bulb that the whole bloody world depends on right now.

Still sad? Next example! 

Albert freaking Einstein. Been called stupid and crazy all his life. He didn’t even go to school – taught by his mother. Still, he turned out to be one of the smartest people that lived on this earth. 

Parents. Moseeba tanya. However, believe it or not, they will sympathize with you. They’ve seen your effort all year and they know how hard you worked, they’ll understand. If you’re not lucky, however, and your parents are mad or angry, what’s the worst that could happen? El mobile hayetse7eb shahrein. Bardo you’ll sit for many re-exams bas hat3ady. Just don’t be so hard on yourself. 

Ba3dein ba2a this was supposed to be a hot girl summer. You’re supposed to enjoy yourself. Eli 7assal 7assal ba2a go to the beach or hang out with your friends, and don’t forget it’s still Eid season, go get that 3edeya!  Yekhrebeit el nakad.

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