5 Reasons Why I’m NEVER Going on a Diet Ever Again

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

I’m going to start this with a personal story because, why not? So, I’ve been going on a perfect diet for two weeks now. About an hour ago, though, my phone fell on concrete floor and needless to say, the screen broke into tiny little pieces and the thing won’t even open. What did I do? I went straight to the supermarket, bought two buckets of ice-cream and ate them. All of them. So basically, all my effort these past couple of weeks went straight out of the window AND I ended up gaining double the weight I lost lmao. So, here are a couple of reasons as to why I am never ever going on a diet ever again.

Reason one; our bodies are perfect the way they are. This is not the feminist me that’s talking here, this is my personal opinion as a humble teenager. Instead of trying to change what we see as a deficiency or a point of weakness, we might as well try to embrace it and accept the fact that our body shapes are a huge part of who we are. I know you might think your crush will like you better if you’re more skinny -fatter if you’re already ‘too’ skinny – however, if someone really likes you, your body shape will definitely not matter because people are really loved for WHO THEY ARE, not what they look like. Besides, who doesn’t like a body full of curves, eh?

Reason two; diets are overrated and, in most cases, not that effective. If anyone here has been on multiple diets before, you’d know that diets usually work for about two weeks or three and then your weight is constant and stops dropping. When this happens, we usually start eating even less portions which is definitely unhealthy and leads to a non-ending cycle that will only leave you anorexic. If you really want to lose weight, I suggest going to the gym, running, CrossFit, yoga or basically any activity that will make you active and automatically, you’ll start losing weight. 

Reason three, every day is a cheat day. I think we all know what I mean when I say that every day is literally a cheat day. The thing about diets is, they’re really hard to keep up with. There are always temptations and cravings that we just can’t say no to. I know many people go through this; you’re going out with your friends and they’re eating whatever they want while you’re stuck to that dreaded salad. Why? Because of a freaking diet. So, you think ‘to hell with this’ and order a family-sized pizza or something. It’s always the same scenario, believe me. 

Reason 4, you don’t want this. Trust me, you don’t. I know that deep inside each and everyone of us is in love with the body they have. We’re proud of it and we love how our skin feels over rolls of fat or bare bones. We’re comfortable like this, why should we ever change it? Society is what makes us forget this feeling. Society makes us regret loving our bodies. These stupid standards make us go anorexic, depressed and uncomfortable in our own bodies. Our own flesh and skin. Personally, I hate being a victim of anyone, mind you, the society. So, given my rebellious nature, I decided not to go on a diet even again – and so should you – because your body? It rocks. If you don’t see that, I am so sorry for you and I hope this makes you realize how awesome you are. 

Reason five, te3ebna ba2a. Bgd te3ebna. Diets are more exhausting than they seem. For real. Mentally AND physically. Because mentally, we’re thinking – I’m fixing something. But, how can you fix something that is not even broken or scratched in the first place? So you’re convinced that you are broken, or not perfect because that’s the only way it will all make sense. Therefore, we become mentally exhausted. Physically? I don’t think that part needs explaining. 

Here are my five reasons as to why I am never going on a diet again. These are just five of them because if all of them were listed, we could go on for days. No joke. Now excuse me, I have some ma7shy to eat.

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