The Perfect Shella Night In for When You’re Broke, Lazy, and Bored

By: Ali Sakr

Some days, life outside your house can just seem a bit daunting. We all have the right to a hibernation phase, and so do our wallets, so here’s a little plan to consider, when you’re glued to your bed, but still want to have some fun with friends. I’m personally the kind of person who likes movies and board games, so you’ll be seeing a whole lot of that. I’ll still try to keep this a bit varied, though, by thinking of situations that I’d hypothetically find fun but never actually get around to doing.

First off, you have to actually gather your friends at your/anyone’s place. I personally wouldn’t like to have any more than 4 or 5 people, but this depends on your particular friend group and the people you like. Once they’re all together, you can always start with a classic – a movie marathon.

Be it Harry Potter, the MCU, the Batman trilogy or whatever movie franchise you and your friends might slightly obsess over, rewatching all those hours of memories can really just immerse you into some fictional universe for a day or two (the entire MCU is around 48 hours) and can act as a little escape from real life.

You’ll probably find anything you need on Netflix, and if no one in your group of friends has a subscription/is a leech, then there are plenty of sketchy illegal websites online that you can use to your heart’s content. They also come with the occasional free virus, so make sure you don’t miss out on that.

Try playing the movies on as big a screen as possible wherever you are, and always accompany the experience with good food, which brings us onto our next big part of the day. Assuming you currently don’t have enough money for even just some pizza, then make some fun out of it. Find an easy, potentially unhealthy recipe online and try to convince a friend or two to prepare it with you. There should always be someone who’s really into cooking in the group. If not, then you’re doing something wrong.

Keep in mind this could be as simple as a small snack or some popcorn; you probably don’t even have that many ingredients lying around the kitchen with the sad state we’re assuming you’re in.

Now that you’ve all exhausted all your lazy, it’s probably time that you’d do something a bit more active. Yes, watching movies was so tiring that you weren’t even able to finish the whole marathon, but some actual interaction is just its own kind of fun, and you’re going to have it.

You can start off with the very expected “play a board game” but make it a bit different if you’re not that into the whole monopoly style. I’d personally recommend Pictionairy (yes, it’s very fun) and this game called Cards Against Humanity. One card is placed on a table containing a question or statement with blanks. Each person playing places the card(s) from their current collection which they think are the funniest and most suitable, and a judge that rotates each round decides who wins. It might not sound too exciting but that’s just because I suck at explaining rules. Note, though, that it isn’t exactly family friendly. Oh, and there’s a free online version, in case – you know – you don’t want to buy it.

There are plenty of other games you can play, from regular cards to aflam or heads up, so just make sure it makes everyone laugh, and try to up your cringe-immunity for this part of the day – it helps.

If you’re a bit less boring, you can also do something slightly less conventional, like a karaoke night, or just go for a split-screen video game tournament because that never gets old.I think that about does it. If you already can’t tell, I don’t do this often. But maybe my ideas on what could be done don’t suck. Who knows.

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