Gifting 101: What to Gift Your Guy Friends

By: Rawan Khalil

I know how perplexing buying gifts are, you always want to buy the perfect gift that your friend(s) will love so much, meanwhile also dreading the fact that they may not like it. What makes buying gifts even harder, for me at least, is that more often than not I leave gift buying till the last minute, and by that I mean 100% last minute- like on the same day from the same place that we are celebrating in. Don’t look at me – I did not say I am proud.

Anyways, I don’t know why but I feel like buying a gift for a guy is always harder than buying one for a girl for some obscure reason. But, I think I got the hang of it. I don’t know but this is my gifting 101 guide to help you buy your guy friends a gift on their next birthday.

A little disclaimer; these will all be very broad ideas which you can then personalize to your friends’ liking because after all, you know them better than I do. So, if I suggest a mug and you are certain they hate hot drinks it’s stupid to purchase them a mug.

So let’s get going:


You saw this coming as the first suggestion, but still. I feel like mugs are the perfect gift if you know the person like hot drinks because then all you got to do is find something that fits their aesthetic and style. You can also switch the normal mugs for a travel mug which are so handy when going to school in the morning. And, you can pair the mug with a bag of their favourite coffee. They will love you.


Keychains are amazing because you can buy one with the first letter of their name, their favourite movie character or sports player. So, again they can be personalized to fit their style.


I do not know a single guy that doesn’t own a wallet- it’s like a staple. I can go out without my purse, but a guy without his wallet is quite rare. So, this is something that they can pretty have with them all the time. You can also slip a note inside there or put a picture of the two of you together.


There is not much to say here. 


If your friend is a gamer this is probably the best thing you could give them. If you know they have been wanting that new game that came out two months ago but their parents are not agreeing to purchase it for them then be their knight in shining armour. Or, if there is a game you think they will like then that would work as well.


Depending on their clothing style you can pick them a hoodie, shirt or beanie that fits their aesthetic and is reminiscent of the way they dress. You can even buy matching hoodies? 


If your friend is big on taking care of their hair they will probably be very grateful if you buy them some products from their favourite brand.


These are so similar to wallets in the sense that they are both guy favourites, or at least they all own a minimum of one of each of these, so you could use this as a chance to add to their collection, especially if you find something distinctive and unique. If you know your friend likes leather you can gift them a leather watch.


This of course depends on whether or not they are avid readers or readers at all, but if your friend let’s say loves sci-fi novels you can buy them one which you think they will like. Or, let’s say they love Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie’s novels, then you can buy them a book from these series, or a limited edition of their favorite book ever. I think you get the drill.


This one you know they would use, and you would know if they didn’t like it hehehe. But, phone cases are literally a perfect gift.


It depends massively on your friends’ style but I know guys who like these, but it depends on the person.


Buying merch would never fail you, and is guaranteed to make them love you forever.


Of something they like maybe their favourite movie or athlete. If you get them something that go in their room like a plant or an antique it would be a unique gift.

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