How Not to Let Social Media Crush You – A Guide

By: Amina Elfarouk

If you’ve ever found yourself knee-deep in someone’s Instagram or Facebook, obsessing over how perfect their life, job, boyfriend, body, style, or whatever is, don’t fret. Everyone falls into that rabbit hole at some point. This social media game has left many of us wondering how we add up to the next person, which in turn can cause a negative impact on our self-esteem. It has also allowed us to focus too much on a fake world or version of ourselves, while losing the momentum to make real changes and growth.

This phenomenon is rapidly increasing. Not only do we feed into people’s images of themselves on social media, but we also feed into our own. How many times have you seen someone stop an incredible moment to snap a picture? Yes, we have all done it.

After a few filters and uploads it seems to make us think we are capturing the moment, but by doing so we are frequently losing the real moments. It is incredibly important that we do not lose the ability to focus on the life we are living versus the life we have on display through social media.

First step you need to do in order to prevent social media from becoming a negative place is changing the way you view it, so technically shift from self-criticism to inspiration.

Say someone pops up on your feed who you think has a better body than you. Instead of using that as fuel to beat yourself up, figure out how you can use their photos as a source of inspiration.

Whatever you’re seeing in that other person is something you have too; you’re just not stepping into it. Pinpoint what it is you like about that girl’s outfit or figure, for example, and use it as a point of reference to create your own version of it.

Realise that if they’re happy you can be happy too,  there’s so much success and happiness to go around.Just because you see someone else having a great life doesn’t mean your life isn’t great or you can’t have as awesome of a life. The more greatness in the world, the merrier.

As cliche as this sounds hear me out okay? Be proactive instead of reactive.When you start comparing yourself to others in a negative way, you’re only reacting to the situation. Instead of feeling down about the way your life is going, do something!

Decide what your goal is, and then take steps in the direction that will get you to that end goal. Even doing one small thing like updating your lifestyle or starting a blog will instantly lift your spirits.

An important thing to be aware of is understanding the reality of other people’s life. It is not to bash others; it is to understand that we all struggle, we all have ugly days, and we all have our issues. There is no perfect relationship, life path, career, or body, because we all have our own personal challenges.

Maybe they are not the same, but they do exist, so remind yourself that the end of the day the only thing we all have in common with each other is struggle.

We all fall into this mistake when it comes to posting about our lives out there. Stop bending the truth to others, what is the point of telling everyone your relationship is perfect?

I am not saying you have to go chatting about everything that is wrong in your relationship, but there is an element of truth and realness that allows you to be vulnerable and truly connect, whether it is with yourself, your partner, or your friends. If you are pretending you live in fantasyland, I would imagine that the stress of keeping up that image is exhausting. Relax, let go, and be OK with vulnerable.

Try and embrace your imperfections If you were truly perfect, and your relationship was perfect, and your body was perfect, what would be the point of progressing forward in any way? We grow and learn through struggle and life lessons.

Challenges are incredible mirrors to our own personal struggles, and can allow us to truly feel whole if we embrace it. The way we handle failure is a fabulous character trait that we all need to work on. Just because life isn’t perfect does not mean you can’t enjoy it and be happy. The only way to truly value your strengths is to be vulnerable and own your weaknesses, as one day that in itself may become your strength.

Social media can be great but try not to base how you feel on the number of likes you have got on a post. This is easier said than done. Stop and think about the impact of the amount of time you spend online is having on you. Are you spending more time online looking at other people living their lives than living your own? If so, it might be time to take a breather from social media and spend more time doing what you love.

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