5 Trends That Are Spiraling Out of Control on Social Media in Egypt

By: Fadila + Zeina

There are some things that I need to stop seeing over my feed. No, seriously, I’m *this* close to throwing my phone if I bump into one more photo, video, or page proudly showcasing or selling one of those 5 things. I dare you to say you aren’t sick of them too. (Special thanks to Zeina for donating this idea and listing the things)

1- Socks

Kefaya “funky socks”, “cool socks”, “ehna gamdeen awy socks” brands. Kefaya. Please. Keteer. Why do we have a thousand different brands that sell completely overpriced socks that probably won’t live for 6 months with our use??? Yes, I support local brands, bas msh heisa trend-following things.

2- Lotus

Ok, I get it, Lotus is amazing, bas leh el 3ak? Lotus konafa, Lotus cake, Lotus lattes, Lotus ice cream, Lotus buttercream frosting on Lotus cupcakes, Lotus cookies, Lotus infused brownies, Lotus EVERYWHERE. This is not a way to live. I’m just so ugh about this.

3- Vintage Shirts

Ehem, na3am? Is everyone suddenly an “artist” wannabe? Does it make you “cool” to where not-vintage-so-not-sustainable “vintage” shirts? Y’all, the point of wearing vintage is clothes is mostly a certain “vibe” and because it’s sustainable fashion. This trend needs to end. ASAP. Unless you actually care about vintage clothes, stop wearing so-called “vintage” things.

4- “All Natural” Products

Everyone is suddenly a skin-care expert. Everyone is beyefto left, right, and center. Everyone and anyone has started a local skin-care/hair-care (?) brand and not everyone is doing credible, actually good for the skin things and this is not okay. At all. Just, can we not? Please? Thank you.

5- Cookies

We like Chip Me, Weirdough, Oven Heaven Bakery, and maybe another one or two local cookie brands. Why are there hundreds of others? Leh kol had baa 3ando cookie brand? Fe3lan leh? I don’t get it. I’m tired.

Ok, that brings the end of this list, but definitely not the end of trends-turned-cringe, this is Egypt after all. Till next year’s kawares inshallah (w rabbena yostor).

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