Why I Quit the Habit of “Ha7awel” and Just Started Doing

By: Nour El Dorry

Found this mini-article whilst searching for some motivation and it struck me how true it was.

Best Motivational Article Ever:

I want to be healthy but I don’t act on that desire. Why’s that? I don’t like the gym but I WANT TO BE HEALTHY… I want to box and/or shoot and I really do have a passion for boxing/shooting but all I do is talk about it. That’s when I came to the realization that to reach your goal, you have to do things you don’t enjoy or love doing to reach something you enjoy or love doing and/or being.

Still not convinced? Okay here’s a little something:

I watched a very successful well-rounded businessman giving a speech that really stuck, he stated that the act of trying is non-existent, just a thought in our minds that doesn’t make us move forward physically just mentally which, is still not moving forward in the real world.

Okay, let’s experiment with that idea, try to do as I say:

TRY and move a step forward… no, no, I didn’t tell you to move a step forward, I was asking you to TRY and move a step forward, no, I didn’t tell you to stay seated but to TRY to move a step forward, and there goes the ongoing loop.

You can’t try to do something – you either do it or you don’t.
You can be a step behind or on your way to reach the goal but it’s still not you reaching it nor is it not doing anything, it’s another named state that you reached with ACTION. So, stop telling yourself that you’ll try to do something, just like our moms tell us “inshallah” when we ask if we could travel with our friends or go out, el howa hanshoof, ha7awel, bs la2 msh hatet3emel.

The difference between someone who TRIES and someone who DOES is taking action. With action, you are placed on the road of success that reaches outside the inanimate and non-palpable state of thinking. It’s all in our mind, we need to decide and be genuinely convinced to start doing. No matter the number of people who talk to us about starting or doing something, we will never put action into it unless our minds are convinced, and in that moment, no one can stop you from doing it.

Leh karart a post something like this? Well, motivation is key but it should lead somewhere; whether a step closer to the goal you’re struggling to reach OR failure which is eventually still a step towards success on a personal and/or communal level.

Lazem nebatal 3adet ha7awel, w nkhaleeha ana ha3mel, delwa2ty.

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