Why I’m NEVER Traveling With My Parents Again (Not Really, I Wish Though)

By: Zeina Elmofty

Excuse me? Can you get me the usual please? 

And can you get me I mean can I get you?

And by the usual I mean how I usually start my articles. By a confession.

Here we go again.

Confession: This title is a lie; I actually love travelling with my parents. What the hell will I be writing? Well, I’ll be giving you all the potential reasons that would make me not want to travel with them but do anyways.


All or Nothing

The thing about my family is that they’re either too exhausted or too exhausting. Don’t get me wrong but we walk over 20 kilometers daily “exploring the country” and another completely different time we wasted a whole day in the hotel room doing absolutely nothing for some reason. Gotta admit, I enjoy both of these but I’m just tired of always going home with either a sore foot for walking too much or an arched back for sitting too long.


Long story short, I’m an IGCSE student with 3 side jobs so conclusion: I wish I did but I don’t really sleep. For that reason, as much as I love, love, adventures, when I’m on vacation, I desire a reasonable amount of sleep at least. Well here’s the catch, I don’t ☺.Be home past midnight, wake up at 7 AM for a new adventure yay. A total of 6ish hours per day doesn’t really sound like a big deal. But try doing that for 7 days of again, walking over 20 kilometers each. Welp.


My family is dedicated to many things. One of these things is shopping. FUN FACT: I HATE shopping. And what does my family do? They dedicate a whole day,minimum, to shopping. A. Whole. Day. I won’t get into this so much because you’ll all probably disagree with me but let me just tell you this. One of the times we went into one of them multiple floor stores they stayed there for about three hours and where was I? On the resting couches there and what was I doing? SLEEPING. I legit slept in the middle of the store for about 2 hours. Best nap ever #noregrets.

History Class

I kind of get it but is it like a rule to visit every single historical landmark in every single country you go to? Are we actually exposing ourselves to new cultures or do we just go for the sake of going? Yes, I love seeing new things and visiting new places but it’s sometimes just ummm…boring. 

Party? What party?

My family is fun, no doubt, but it’s not like I can go party with mama or something. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I go wild or do anything that I can’t do in front of them it’s just that it would be weird and I don’t think there’s a need to explain why. Thing is, exposure to all these potential parties you see but don’t join is just tempting, you know?

There. Five of the many reasons why I wouldn’t want to travel with my parents again but do anyways because hands down, they’re fun and hands down my friends are “Bo2” and hands down I enjoy all of it. I’m not complaining I’m just giving you a heads up.

If I ever invite you to travel with my family and I, Run.

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